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12-19-2016, 12:27 PM
Now that the Animus pack is released, I'm standing in front of a though choice. I have only AC3 in Uplay, and i wanted to have all games there, but I'm not sure the DLCs are worth it. So;

Do I get the Animus pack, 99[EUR], looks like every AC PC game ever released with DLCs or;

Custom cart, with: AC1, Bronze pack, Silver pack, Unity and Syndicate Special Edition, 65.37[EUR], seems like I'll have all of the game in the animus pack excluding the chronicles, and the DLCs.

Are these extra DLC worth the bigger price? Are they related to the modern tale? I stopped playing after revelations because of reasons, but now I'm ready to finish the series.

Thanks in advance.

12-19-2016, 02:10 PM
The prices I see are a little higher, 3.4€ for AC, 10 for Bronze, 20 for silver and 40€ for gold pack, totalling 73.40€.

Chronicles, IMO, aren't a big deal, the people who have played aren't too thrilled and the PC ports in particular leave a bit to be desired. With them aside, the only games with truly significant DLCs are AC III and AC IV. Out of those two, Tyranny of King Washington (AC III DLC) is fairly long (around 10h, if I remember correctly) and has pretty interesting gameplay (with major elements that are not featured in the main game or anywhere else in the series) and the one from AC IV I haven't played, but I've heard that it's also good. Unity and Syndicate also have additional mini campaigns, but they are really small scale compared to the entirety of the game and don't add much to your knowledge of the AC universe.

All things considered, economically, the DLCs aren't worth the extra one third (or in case of the prices you cited, one half) of the cost, but there is interesting content in there, so if money isn't a problem and you'd like to have it all, there's nothing wrong in getting the Animus Pack.

12-19-2016, 03:10 PM
Thank you for the reply.

The prices I see are a little higher, 3.4 for AC, 10 for Bronze, 20 for silver and 40 for gold pack, totalling 73.40.
We see the same price, but I didn't add the gold pack, I added Unity [12EUR] and Syndicate Special addition [19.99EUR] because the gold pack just contains them with DLCs no? I'll be more specific though, and I would really appreciate if you could answer without spoilers;
I heard that some games don't feature the modern time story, or that desmonds story ends somehow, I don't want details, but just to know if any of these games leaves the story of the modern world, or if any of the DLC contains more of that. If they do, then I'll get the animus pack already.

12-19-2016, 03:22 PM
Ah, good logic!

With minimum spoiling, Desmond is the main protagonist of the original "trilogy" (up to and including AC III), and after his finale, he is no longer a playable character. Further games still contain present day story, though in varying degrees. It's all but completely gone from Unity, but other titles do have playable modern day sequences. As far as I can recall, none of the DLCs deal with the present day, they are all set on the sidelines of the "historic" portions of the main games.

12-19-2016, 03:30 PM
It depends what you value, a lot of people are buying the packs because of the sale even though they already own several of the games but want the deluxe editions and DLC. So it is difficult to say because some would say the DLC is worth the extra so they have the complete game and others would say the dlc is short in game length. But Lignjoslav is correct about the AC3 and ACIV BF DLC being good, also I liked Syndicates and Unity.

Modern day is something that divides the Creed fans, I am not a fan of the modern day because it is not a part of the game, more of a back story that interrupts the game, as the series has evolved there are many happy to play for hours without having their immersion broken while others want the story, the mystery. Personally I'd be happy to have 100 hours devoted to modern day as long as it was accessed after the game had finished or as a dlc :) but the best option would be to make it part of the game, follow an object through different times to the modern day then collect it and slowly put the objects together to make a machine. Maybe a multi dimensional machine that can make it possible to meet the 1st civ etc... but if not.... I don't mind all the MD as long as it makes other fans happy but it's not for me. :)

How much is in the DLC? I'm not sure probably not too much.

12-19-2016, 03:38 PM
Right now, i am having fun with the support for some missing stuff from the Animus Pack. Seems that support is as puzzled, as i am....The DLC for Liberation did not activate in-game (though support says is there), the time savers for AC: Rogue Deluxe are not anywhere to be found and i got three activation codes that do not say anythiong about where they should be activated....

I would laugh, if i wouldn't feel like raging.

But without doubt, the Animus pack offers a good deal. The DLC's are usually good (Liberation aside, as that only adds a few items and upgrades your ammo pouches). And the DLC's bought separately are expensive. Unless you score a 75% discount (which happens almost never on the Ubi store).