View Full Version : I bought the whole Ezio Collection and it doesnt show up on my games

12-18-2016, 09:39 PM
I bought the entire Ezio collection. AC 2, AC brotherhood and AC Revelations. Its the Christmas sale and they are going quite cheap so I wanted to buy them. The day before I bought the 1st assassins creed, Black flag and rogue and the next day I wanted to but the Ezio games. So I go to checkout and it says total 14 and I pay for it. BUT THE PROBLEM IS IT DIDN'T SHOW UP ON MY RECENTLY ORDERED, I DIDN'T RECEIVE AN EMAIL AND IT DIDN'T SHOW UP ON MY GAMES. I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that I bought the games, clearly stating I did and then just forget to email and give me the game. So I would either like my games back or the money. I might have payed for brotherhood twice because the purchase came up for it twice. This isn't an angry hate based comment its just that I wan't what I payed for, like anyone would.