View Full Version : No JD unlimited access on JD 2017 digital version for PS4

12-18-2016, 08:21 PM
I bought JD 2017 Gold Edition (Digital version) + Just Dance 1 year pass for PS4

Currently, at the top right corner, my pass have 461 days: 365 days (1 year subscription) + 90 days (Gold edition) + 6 days (Game gave me for free)

So far so good, but when I go the JD Unlimited Submenu it only show me two options:

1) Extend my subscription
2) Enter the 3 month code that comes with the Gold Edition (disc)

So, I cannot access to the JD Unlimited song library...

Never played JD 2016 on PS4, btw

Can you help me?

12-19-2016, 05:03 PM
Hi Zerohumano,

The JD unlimited playlist is included directly in the "Just Dance" mode. In there, there is a section called "Just Dance Unlimited".

Hope this helps.