View Full Version : Support/Better support for non-administrative Windows Accounts

12-17-2016, 08:13 PM
My kids use basic windows accounts (non-administrative). This works fine in battle.net, origin, and steam clients, with the occasional update requiring an admin password from origin or steam. But by and large they can do everything without requiring anything from me, including installing games in many cases.

Uplay prompts for admin passwords at many stages, often requiring my password 3 or more times during a single game install and it seems to ask for an admin password regularly enough.

I'd like to suggest adding using uplay on non-administrative accounts as a part of your test flow to work out some of those issues for a better overall experience. I understand that occasionally an admin password may be required, but it seems to happen way too often right now.

12-17-2016, 08:23 PM
When I install Uplay on non-administrative user accounts it doesn't seem to create shortcuts for those users. I think it creates them under the admin account the installer elevates with instead of the current user account.