View Full Version : Syndicate Map Problem

12-15-2016, 07:55 PM
Due to some unrelated issues I wound up reinstalling Syndicate and starting the game from the beginning. I'm part way into the game and have Evie at Level 2. I've synced the view points, collected all the chests in White Chapel and and talked to O'dea and cleared one child labor mission. For some unknown reason the map is not showing other locations such as gang strongholds, Templar hunts, etc. Any idea what the problem is?

12-15-2016, 08:40 PM
I think you might not be far enough in the story line - for some things to show on the map, it takes certain steps to do in the game world - take for example fight clubs and races, those will not show up before you have visited Topping, the guy which you have rescued during the intro sequences.

12-16-2016, 01:57 AM
Thanks Lysette. Items started showing up after I interacted with the map on the train. All is well now.