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12-15-2016, 05:52 PM

The Version Update 1.8 comprises both free content as well as the FRONTIERS DLC.
This FAQ contains frequent questions and discussions from our community members.

More information and details are available on the forums:
Version Update 1.8 (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1502138) (all content in text form)
Deeper Insights (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1502131) (more details, videos and pictures)

How can I access the update and the FRONTIERS DLC? I cannot find it anywhere.

Please make sure that your game is up to date. The update is available with all versions (since 1.8). If you have an active internet connection and Uplay or Steam are not in offline mode, Anno 2205 will update automatically the next time you start the game. This way the new version update will be downloaded as well. The FRONTIERS DLC will be downloaded for Season Pass owners automatically. Of course the DLC is availiable for anyone else, too.

General Questions

Is the Frontiers DLC part of the Season Pass?

Yes, the DLC is part of the Season Pass.
The Season Pass is also part of versions like the Ultimate Edition.
Therefore you automatically own all DLCs then. All you have to do is updating the game.

Can I get the Frontiers DLC separately?

If you prefer to choose separate DLCs, you can just get the FRONTIERS DLC without the other DLCs.
Players who own the Season Pass, or a version that includes the Season Pass, already own all available DLCs.

Game Related Questions

Can I turn off the enemy invasions ingame?

When creating a new corporation, you can turn off the enemy invasions ingame.
In the advanced options of the difficulty settings you can modify 3 parameters.
1) There are four options for the enemy invasions: Off / Seldom / Regularly / Often.
2) You can choose the difficulty: Normal / Challenging / Deadly.
3) "Destroyable Fleet" determines whether destroyable ships will be replaced with ships without a rank.

What happens if I lose an enemy invasion?

As long as the invasion is active, you will suffer from several disadvantages.
You can't lose an invasion - the negative effect ends as soon as the invasion has been repelled, or the countdown has reached zero.

What impact do the Synth have on the game? Are they giving me any advantages?

Synths generate more workforce while using the same amount of space.
Therefore they are more efficient than all the other employees.

How can I level up buildings manually (turn off/hide the arrows)?

In the promotion menu, you can enable/disable the automatic promotions.
When disabled, you can promote your workers by using the promotion tool (arrow) manually, or the promotion menu. By the way: By pressing the "L" key you can toggle the info layer (e.g. the promotion arrows) on and off.

How does the "reforestation" work?

The reforestation is automatically activated. You can turn it on and off in the gameplay settings. When you cut down the trees in an area, but don't build anything there, the trees will grow back after some time.

Technical Questions

How can I activate the Frontiers DLC for an existing save game?

When playing with an old save game, there will be an exclamation mark icon at the edge of the screen.
By clicking on it you open the corporation update menu and can choose the difficulty settings for FRONTIERS.

How can I use the 3 new sectors? As a starting sector?

The Madrigal Islands and the Greentide Archipelago can be chosen as starting islands, because they are temperate sectors. The Savik Province is located in the Arctic and has to be made available during the game.

Ubisoft Support

Technical difficulties and questions

If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact the support (http://support.ubi.com).
They will help you individually and will forward special cases or bug reports to the dev team.

http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0075/forum/feedback/feedback_link_en.png (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1506582)

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