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Hello and welcome to the Hall of Heroes guide to: Character and Stat Changes

In this guide, we will go over the changes from the previous tests to the current one and a little bit about what we learned from our trip to Montreal!

We hope you enjoy the read and please let us know if you have any questions.


As some of you may remember from the previous test, the assassin classes “deflect” abilities were activated by simply blocking an incoming attack just before impact.
The window to trigger the deflect mechanic was quite large which made deflections easy to pull off. Players would also often activate deflect by accident when reacting to an incoming attack.

The abilities that could be used after a deflection were also very powerful compared to how little effort it took to deflect. When looking over player feedback in the forums and Reddit, the community showed an overwhelming consensus that deflects felt too strong.

The For Honor team has listened to the community’s feedback and have made the following changes to the deflect mechanic:

Deflect is now attached to the dodge button. To Deflect you now must dodge into the attack. If they attack your left side you must press A (on Xbone), X (on PlayStation) or SPACEBAR (on PC) and dash directly into the attack at the same moment you would parry.

Timing has been tightened on deflect, meaning there is a small window that you can land it, which creates a higher chance to botch it.

What does this achieve?

This means that deflect is now going to take practice to get used to as it will no longer be easy to accidently deflect an attack and get away unscathed. Failing to deflect at the proper time will now result in being hit by the enemies attack without the chance to block it.

This also means players can now play around deflect. If you know that an enemy Orochi, for example, is going to try and deflect your heavy attack you can now attempt to punish them for it. You can feint a heavy attack and attack from the opposite side or you can feint the attack into a light attack or the best option, Feint the heavy attack into a guard break. There is now ways to punish an opponent for trying to deflect everything you do and the punishments are severe if they don’t play smart.

Some of you are probably reading this and thinking to yourselves “Wow! Cool change but doesn’t that make the assassins weaker?

Yes, it does but that doesn’t mean they didn’t receive compensations for it.

We will get into those a bit later though after we talk about….

Character changes

Let’s get into a fun topic.

Currently, there are 2 characters that have received big changes and both of them happen to be assassins. Let's get into those changes right now.



The Orochi has until now been regarded as one of, if not the strongest class in For Honor, due to his versatile arsenal of low-risk but high-reward abilities.

For example, Storm Rush (or the Orochi Backdash) was a huge issue among some of the most skilled players due to its flexibility and safety and how easily it could be used to manipulate the Orochi’s position and get them out of any danger and immediately counterattack with little risk.
While Storm Rush was easy enough to punish, in the hands of a moderately skilled player as it very quickly got out of hand by being able to both mind game your opponent through the use of constant feints and re-initiation of Storm Rush and also by forcing your opponent into a full defensive mindset for fear of being hit.
There were even some bugs with it which allowed you to force the opponent to get stuck in a parry animation if Storm Rush was feinted at the right moment which allowed for an easy and guaranteed guard break and also a bug that allowed you to safely slide away from the enemy if you let go of the lock-on button at the right time if an opponent tried to parry or block your Storm Rush.

The class was also very easy to pick up and play despite having the hard tag and even with minimal experience, you could still do relatively well against more skilled players.

If the Orochi wanted, he/she could focus only on deflecting incoming attacks and whittle down an enemy. Alternatively, the Orochi could initiate and cancel the Storm Rush ability until the enemy attempted to attack.

If put into the hands of a very skilled player, the Orochi was unstoppable. This was demonstrated very well by the star player HideoshiKaze as he topped leaderboards consistently with his Orochi. HideoshiKaze was also able to dominate matches by holding back entire teams by himself, taking on everyone at the same time.
Due to the overbearing power of the Orochi, as well as HideoshiKaze’s ability to utilize the class to its fullest which only further showed that in the hands of a skilled player the Orochi was a serious threat and needed to be looked at.

Orochi Changes:

First, Storm Rush was changed into a committing move. This means that you can no longer feint Storm Rush constantly and repeatedly.

So no more of this nonsense.


Once you get into the stance for Storm Rush that becomes your last chance to feint it. You have maybe 1 step during storm rush before you lose the ability to feint the move so you need to decide now if you want to commit to it or use it as an evasive move to gain some distance.

What does this change do?

It means Storm Rush can no longer be used as a pseudo-opener and it’s now been firmly rooted in a counter attacking ability which you will want to use specifically as a reactionary measure to an opponent attacking rather than just Storm Rushing whenever you feel like it. It also feels like it has been slowed down a bit but not too much.

You are probably reading that and thinking to yourself “That sounds like a huge nerf” and you would be right because it is. However, what most people don’t realize is that Storm Rush takes priority over everything. It ignores uninterruptible status and any character that gets hit by a Storm Rush is guaranteed to also be hit by the follow-up double top light attack.

Storm Rush before these changes was simply too flexible and too safe a move that had uses as both a reactionary counter attack and an opening attack with very powerful effects (such as the previously mentioned ability to ignore uninterruptible status) so it had too much going for it and not enough weaknesses.



The Berserker sadly did not stick out in any way other than what you could call the ‘broken deflect tactic’. This would mean that you would more or less only rely on how easy the deflect was to pull of and the fact that if you would throw someone into a wall, you’d get a free heavy attack. To add some weight to the whole thing about berserker and deflecting. To put it in a simple way, the deflect was ridiculous. Since the deflect was to easy to use you could only rely on being able to pull them off, why attack when you can just wait and then with ease just deflect someone and throw them into a wall, then keep the same thing going until the enemy was dead. Combined with the old gear stats mechanic you could actually ‘’oneshot’’ someone with just one deflect into the wall. The berserkers deflect worked in a way that it gave you a ‘’mini guardbreak’’, with this you were able to get a free throw on someone, but not a free attack if you didn’t throw them into a wall of course. Every time you would deflect someone it would more or less stop the flow of the combat, it could seriously hurt the flow pretty bad at times.

Originally the Berserker was designed as a heavily offensive wild character with leaping strikes and relentless offense made good by the Dauntless passive, Which allowed the Berserker to gain uninterruptible status and reduced stamina costs on attacks through relentless attacking.

The character has not really had a great amount of playtime and also a low winrate, zerk was not bad, but something was off. Looking at the earlier berserker we’ve had is looking at a character with one move being too strong and the rest of the kit has been too weak. It’s important to note that this weakness has nothing to do with damage but rather to do with lack of variety to the character's moveset. Berserker was simply too predictable. Example would be that all his special moves except Slashing rush would be an overhead attack, thus keeping your guard in a top stance would drastically make it harder for the berserker.

Like any other class, there was still people who could play berserker really well, it wouldn’t take long for you to notice a skilled berserker as they could plow through almost any foe.

Berserker Changes

So as mentioned before the Berserker had a few core issues.

First is that he had a ton of moves that were all in the top stance so he was very predictable. Second is that a lot of his power was in his deflect and because his deflect was so powerful it meant the rest of his kit had to be a bit weaker. The berserker’s Infinite combo was supposed to be his bread and butter but sadly because of the strength of his deflect most people ignored it entirely and focused primarily on deflecting and throwing people into walls for an easy top-heavy attack for a boatload of damage.

Now that Deflect has been made more difficult they were able to take a look at what issues the Zerk had and addressed them.

First thing of note is that the Berzerkers side dash attacks are no longer in the top stance and instead are now on the side stance. This means the Zerk has more options and will be far less predictable. Second is that the damage of his light attacks has been upped a bit (This may be changed again) which was done to help emphasize the berserkers offensive nature and to help get him away from that defensive deflect mindset. Third is that his finishers on his side chain have also been beefed up a little bit and now hit a little harder.

The Berserker is now the aggressor and his full kit is designed around relentless and powerful offense so make sure you keep that in mind when fighting as or against the Berserker from now on.

Changes to Stats

Why did they change stats?

Stats were changed because during the previous alphas there were 2 stats in particular that were required for every character which was attack and defense.
These 2 stats completely crowded out other stats and made it so the other stats (other than throw distance) were unimportant. Plus the stats were giving very significant boosts to players and made some characters really over the top.

Something had to be done and the developers tried a few different things but ultimately a stats rework was in order.

The stats we use to know has been changed quite a bit. They have taken a big look at the gear stats as they were obviously not very balanced and had way too much of an impact when playing, the game became too dependant on how good your gear was rather than how good your personal skill was. If you were a part of the previous test there are a few things you will quickly notice that has changed. To start off. They have moved around quite a few of the stats, so things will not look like they used to do. Some of the old stats got removed while also adding new stats that you have not seen before, exciting is it not? Attack, defense and stamina cost reduction which had major question marks on them has been moved to the same gear, being your blade gear. This way you cannot make your character both packed with defense, deal a ton of damage while also barely losing any stamina. By placing these three stats on the same gear it means you will have to give up one of the big stats at least.

To address the ‘issue’ where stats like attack/defense could make you only require one combo to bring someone down, they have reduced the bonus you get from stats. A full bar with the new gear stats gives significantly less than before. You no longer need to worry about being two-shotted by someone with a heroic attack blade. Instead, you would rather be thinking in a way like, do you want to be able to take an extra attack before going down, or take them down with one attack less.

Stats reworked moved around (I.E Attack and Defense moved to the blade from the blade and chest)
Some stats removed
Some added
All stats have had their overall values brought down

Stats will now allow more diversity in your builds and as such, they should be looked at and chosen more carefully. Defensive characters such as the Conqueror, Shugoki, and Warlord will want to focus on defense while offensive characters like the Orochi, Berserker, and Peacekeeper will focus on offense.

Thank you very much for reading this guide to character and stat changes. If you'd like to discuss these further, make sure to check out the official Hall of Heroes discord for For Honor by clicking the shield below.

http://i68.tinypic.com/14tlaop.png (https://discord.gg/vzqMAyf)

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Wohoo! Gear stat changes! :cool:

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I am so glad they improved the stat and gear system !

In my opinion this was really the only serious threat to the games success. Well done ubisoft !

12-23-2016, 12:47 AM
"Stats will now allow more diversity in your builds and as such, they should be looked at and chosen more carefully. Defensive characters such as the Conqueror, Shugoki, and Warlord will want to focus on defense while offensive characters like the Orochi, Berserker, and Peacekeeper will focus on defense."

Was that a typo or meant to say that?

12-23-2016, 05:24 AM
"Stats will now allow more diversity in your builds and as such, they should be looked at and chosen more carefully. Defensive characters such as the Conqueror, Shugoki, and Warlord will want to focus on defense while offensive characters like the Orochi, Berserker, and Peacekeeper will focus on defense."

Was that a typo or meant to say that?

Guess defense is the only stat that matters now, lol.

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Very good changes! Great write up! Thanks!

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Oh yes, these changes seems superb on paper. Looking forward to see the changes in the game.