View Full Version : Just a thought about a possible VR game idea.

12-13-2016, 07:07 AM
I was talking yersterday with my girlfriend about my VR Experience of the day and she suggested a really interesting idea.
A Vampire Game. She said a dream would come true with it, live by night, looking for the possibility to "eat" without let you see from someone.
And by thinking about it, such an experience would really be exciting from vr sight: A world like Assasins Creed, with (somoehow) a day mode with main and side quests, a nice story and the night mode where the vampire can be the predator.. if some people would never "eat" from humans than from rats :D
I think i dont need to tell you how many possibility there would be, fly like a bat, teleport, be invisible and so on.

I guess im not the only one that finds this Idea so exciting.

Or what do you think guys ?