View Full Version : Is it possible to get rid of Verteran pack or the combat?

12-11-2016, 10:20 PM
There are some random invation, and I have to fight for it.

Is it possible to get rid of these?

It's so annoying and distractive. I only want to build cities! If I want to fight in Strategy games, Starcraft is billion times better. No sense to make those combat mandatory:mad:

12-12-2016, 11:28 AM
You can do that while creating a new company or in the transfer of an old company to the frontier patch.

There are options that allow you to decide the frequency of invasions and their strenght.

When you are creating a company in the difficult selection you can chose more options and fix them as you please instead of using preselected options

Honestly i find them boring too at some point. When my company was growing from lvl 1 to 50 they were challenging and made my game difficult but now they are only a spike in the ***. It would be nice if devs put something like static defences that allow you to weak the invasion force or complitly erase them, maybe they could ad some research on the os too to make the static defences more powerful.