View Full Version : [Bug] [Audio] - No Rider-"KO"-Audio with White or Orange Glow-Wingsuit equipped

12-09-2016, 01:27 PM
When the White or Orange Glowing Wingsuits are equipped, all of the Rider characters do not use their random audio lines after KO-accidents/crashes.

1. equip the White or Orange Glow-Wingsuit
2. jump off an exit point and crash
3. use teleport button to try again
4. observe missing audio lines after re-spawn at starting position

All Rider characters show the same issue.
When the user switches back to any other wingsuit except the mentioned Glow-Wingsuits, the audio lines of all Riders are triggered as expected.

This issue occurred on PS4 and may be repro on the other platforms as well. (to be confirmed)
Should this already have been reported, or is a known issue, please do let me know and this thread can be discarded.

The voice audio upon impact when crashing seems affected and missing as well. (the painful cries or groans a character makes when hitting the ground)