View Full Version : PS4 Issues

12-09-2016, 01:25 PM
Hi all,

couple issues ive had with the game, (PS4)
-Health or (g-force) system seems a bit broken, hit a rock at walking pace "die or pass out", big jump at full speed and land on rock all is fine. No tutorial to explain how this works?
-Camera angles and field of view when racing "snowboard" very limited cant see in front of you (FRUSTRATING)
-Controls oh god the controls,responsive most the time, then your character just does whatever e.g. push to go forward but he wants to go backwards
-Tricks (snowboard) half the time character does them, other half nope he's just gonna do nothing. Landing them sometimes kills you, nearly kills you or your fine, but tested this by always landing the same way but having different results.
-not a problem but why cant we walk on rocks? doesn't make sense.
-mods if you read this PLEASE tell the dev's the physics/collisions desperately need an overhaul! i have been working with 3DS max, maya, and unreal editor for over 5 years, i have a diploma in games design and animation, Yes this game "can" be really good but for a full price paying release in my professional opinion its just pathetic!, its an indie game that's still in development! having redbull shoved in your face gets a little old, and your customer support is a horrible experience.

before anyone comments "textbook" fixes, i have re-downloaded the game 3 times and rebuilt my database several, with no effect.

Positives!! Great sounds, clothing looks awesome, views are sick

$100? by no stretch of the imagination is that a good price for what you get, there are dozens of games cheaper with far more content and less buggy. but......see what the dlc's bring

not trying to start any arguments or put the game down, just some honest truths that need to be addressed!