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12-08-2016, 11:56 PM
So I was thinking maybe, hopefully, we can get a Time Saver pack from Uplay that once purchased, shows all collectibles on the map, like some of the AC games do.

It's annoying that there isn't a way to see if you've collected all the collectibles in the game or even an area and finding them is up to chance and Nethack, which while I have no issue with, it doesn't work while driving.

I've learned that when I see a red area on my map to toss out my quadcopter and do a quick scan, but it's sort of annoying doing this when I'm just trying to finish up the last few bits on the map.

Please, please add this in Ubisoft!

12-10-2016, 01:29 AM
Hi MnemonicSyntax!

Cool suggestion! I can see how this could be beneficial for players who might not have the time to search for every collectible, yet still wish to 100% the game. I will definitely share this along with the team :)

12-10-2016, 03:18 AM
Thanks Ludex. Is it Ludex, with an L?

I really love this game and I know that I can just play online to get more Followers/Research Points but I'm a stickler for things like this, OCD I guess. Or is it CDO?

12-10-2016, 07:53 AM

12-10-2016, 08:45 AM
No game should have a time saver pack..ever..The online potion of this game becomes a pay to win and no longer a game. All the collectibles affect online.

If you buy the license right to use a game then play it. Knock off this"I like this game but don't have the time to play it" crap!

If you don't have enough time to do everything in a game, then don't buy it, but don't buy it then try to wreck the game judt because you want all the rwards fast with doing no work then using the excuse of I don't have the time but want to play it to justify that crap!

Do you buy a car, or house then tell the bank or realtor to start adding things in after you buy it..no You also don't buy a car or house without being able to fully use it either. Meaning stay in there to get your money's worth.

Seriously keep this crap out of games.

12-10-2016, 11:18 PM
The logic of your conversation is flawed because with WD2, you can simply keep playing Co-Op missions over and over again to get followers and therefore get more Research Points. It's called grinding.

Also, apparently reading isn't part of your basic skill set, considering I said I'm looking for the "last few bits" of items on the map.

The point of the post was to see where the collectibles are and to go get them, or to provide some sort of counter that shows what I'm missing and what I have collected in each district, as I also mentioned.

In addition, I'm not sure how this would "wreck the game" if it's optional. You don't have to buy it sweetie!

And uh... yeah. People buy a house or a car and they do add things after they buy it. Housing additions, pools, balconies, decks, and for car? Sunroofs, spoilers, engine modification, etc.

The real tragedy here is that you're upset by me wanting something that is completely optional and has no bearing if you buy it or not.

Actually, I take that back. The real tragedy here is that your reading comprehension isn't on par enough to realize that I'm just looking for a checklist. Even if I get the location of all items in-game, I still have to go find them. I still have to do the puzzles to unlock most of the Research Points.

I have over 50 hours in WD2 on PC. But even if I just wanted to play casually, guess what? It's my prerogative. What banks and realtors *don't* do, is tell you what to do with what you bought with your money.

You understand now, cupcake? Or was this too much reading for you?

12-10-2016, 11:51 PM
have over 50 hours in WD2 on PC. But even if I just wanted to play casually, guess what? It's my prerogative. What banks and realtors *don't* do, is tell you what to do with what you bought with your money.
Talk about reading you should try it. Nowhere is there a problem with casual play and nowhere did I ever say that or hint at it. So why that was even brought up is a mystery
Besides Causal play has nothing to do with complaining about wanting to get all the rewards without doing work. It totally defeats the purpose of playing the game the way it was designed.

I also love how you also made sure to very carefully ignore that time saver packs turns online into pay to win. A player that bought all the vehicles invades someone's game or they invade yours and that player can just call up a high end performance car they can evade you.

In short time saver packs will just give players an option of an easy way out just like using guns and turning online into an FPS.

Players that want to play casual have no business complaining that they cannot get the rewards casual players should never be allowed to get everything that others have to work for just because they have a credit card.

Play casual all you want but stop trying to wreck online for everyone else.

12-11-2016, 01:27 AM
Because casual play is for people who don't have time to play often and a time saver pack will do just nicely for them. The fact that I have to explain that to you means that you can't even manage to put two and two together and form your own conclusion.

And I'm not sure about this complaining thing you keep talking about without doing all the work, as I've again, put 50 hours in it and I'm just trying to make sure I "got it all." Obviously I put work into it and would like to see where I stand on what else I need to collect. If there is no way to show that, that's a part of the game that's poorly designed.

And I didn't ignore time saver packs becoming play to win. First off, I mentioned that you can just grind Co-Op to get followers and get those points, which means that you can still have everything by the time you activate PVP, as you can turn it off and on in the Settings. So, regardless if you grind or "pay" for it, there's still this "advantage." Secondly, none of the vehicles that you can find are what I would consider "high performance." Thirdly, you can still manage to use hacking skills and drones to stop an escaping invader if you're good enough, regardless of what car he's in. So, "git gud." And lastly, I didn't expound on it because I don't play Invasion, so it doesn't apply to me and your poor bruised ego.

In short, time saver packs just show people where the items are anyway. That's all it does. It doesn't give them anything. They still have to work to get them.

And again, what rewards? I'm talking about making sure you have every collectible, not every "reward." It's JUST a checklist. Nothing more.

And a credit card? WTF? I said get it through Uplay. This isn't even true "Pay to Win." I'm not interested in paying money, just using Uplay points to get items I missed. Like in Black Flag and Unity.

And again, not wrecking anything. If you find me in-game, feel free to disconnect.

EDIT: I've read your forum history and you're nothing but a troll. Good-bye kiddo.

12-11-2016, 04:48 AM
Because casual play is for people who don't have time to play often and a time saver pack will do just nicely for them.
Not having time to play it is the users own fault so stop trying to force pay to win conditions into a game and then using an excuse like that to justify your crap!

and you clearly didn't check my posting history too well:

Stop trolling me causing problems then making false reports to moderators to try and get me removed from the forum just because you don't like me telling you in another thread to stop trying to make excuses to turn this game into pay to win so you have to throw a temper tantrum and get your way!

You can reply with a statement and that's fine but as soon as someone else counters what you say and gives a difference of opinion they're trolling and you complain to the moderators to remove them.

The only one trolling here is you!