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12-07-2016, 05:56 AM
After playing this game for many hours, having a ton of fun, and finally reaching legend this is my list of bugs other than the ones in the known list.

1. Free Roam Camera?/Interface Bug: nobody knows how to use the free roam camera, I still can't figure out how even though I have heard it exists.

2. Barbegazi Ski Orienteering: on this mountain story the 2nd clue dialog doesn't work and neither will the third part where you actually find him. For me, the reasons this happened was because i used the helicopter. I restarted the whole challenge and it worked the second time. https://www.reddit.com/r/Steep/comments/5gnmgh/barbegazi_ski_orienteering_glitch/

3. Groups: forming groups with friends doesn't work well. They often fail to join, or someone will join and come into my game but in social the slot always has the loading symbol and they don't actually join the group even though the group counter in the top right of the hud increases. Usually I can get it to work after trying various hosts as well as trying to join/invite in various ways.

4. World Record notifications: I've gotten notifications that I got a world record on a challenge when I wasn't even close.

5. Random glitches: I often float, go inside rocks, and see under the rocks in go pro view but haven't tested exactly when it happens nor does it bother me that much.

6. Drop zone not registering: Nantillons exit point drop zone won't register. I have the found icon and the binocular icon overlapped on my map and the counter doesn't go up. It also still says the drop zone nearby notification.

7. Custom race finish line: the finish line moves farther away after beating your time. Although other people besides the maker of the challenge will still have the previous closer finish line.

8. Ghosts: I have problems with ghosts not working a lot of the time: my own ghosts don't work a lot but the do sometimes I think this has a lot to do with the type of challenge, for example some wingsuiting challenges have the black button to select ghosts but they don't work (my ghosts don't work on other challenges as well).

9. Dare Ghosts: Adding onto the last problem with ghosts, my friends weren't able to even have an option to see my ghost when doing my custom challenges. Edit: I played one of my friends dare's and his ghost worked, may have been user error on friend 1's part.

10. New banner on challenges: The new icon on challenges in mountain view doesn't work (doesn't go away).

11. Rock physics: You shouldn't fall when riding over a rock below a certain speed; the way the physics acts with rocks has caused me a lot of frustration.

12. Finding coordinates: Mountain view needs a compass or a way to lock at true north.

13. There were a few more that I can't remember and might be able to edit and add later.

1. People in my group should be able to see/play share dare challenges from my friends that aren't their friends. Player A isn't friends with player B but I want to be able to play player B's challenge when in a group with player A.

2. The map needs the ability to filter what you see in many ways by type of icon, medal, completion, world record, etc. Also this would be very helpful either in map view or in a separate screen with a list (would still need the ability to click on an item and go to it in mountain view). Also a way to bookmark my favorite challenges would be nice. I really don' t care how but with 114 challenges (i think) i need a fix for not being able to find the 4 I don't have bronze; not being able to find which I don't have gold on; not being able to find my favorite challenges; and not being able to check on my world record when I forgot where the challenge was that I was doing last night.

3. A fix for the cheated world records. This would have to be fixed in a challenge specific manner. So far I've noticed flatland 180s for freestyle points, flatland circles over an obstacle for free ride points, and going back uphill to redo the obstacle and get more points.

4. Needs an ability to set checkpoints and finish line location for custom challenges.

5. Needs a more robust multiplayer (PVP): ability for people in a group to play existing challenges pop and start at the exact same time and have a small scoreboard. Also it would be nice to have some way of matchmaking for a group or matchmaking to play a specific challenge pvp.

6. My flags shouldn't disappear.

7. Add timbersleds and snowmobiles!!!

8. Many people want an ability to edit/remove the hud... I don't really care but i admit it would be nice.

I love the game and want it to be the best it can be.

Lastly, I would love a summer sports game (dirtbiking is my favorite action sport and there is definitely a market for off-road sports and extreme summer sports in an awesome open world format like steep).

Pop Your Top
12-07-2016, 04:30 PM
good suggestions this game needs a few more features cause its getting to the point of having nothing to do