View Full Version : Spawning inside the mountains at some of the challenges Respawn points

12-07-2016, 01:43 AM
At the Respawn Points for the challenges , it sometimes spawns me below the surface of the mountain down on to a rock or snow depending what is underneath that area in the underside of the map. When it does happen. no matter how many times i try to respawn it always does it. then, the second you move it fires you up into the air like a sling shot or makes you rag doll. This bug is exactly the same as the one i previously posted but i have now found it is not only limited to the first paragliding challenge and it is in fact happening all over the map. its a pretty bad game braking bug and its annoying the hell outta me to be honest. it was fun at first, watching my character fling 100m up into the air but after it happening over 30 times to me its getting annoying.

its as if the game is thinking that the layer below the actual landscape is the correct surface to spawn on so it spawns you there, whether it be under snow or inside a rock.