View Full Version : I feel like I'm beta testing a game...

12-07-2016, 12:33 AM
I must say I had high hopes for this game, and there are elements I enjoy, but like many others I have had the same connection issues, season pass/uPlay issues (disappearing equipment and load out resets every time I boot the game etc), general control issues related to g-force. There may be workarounds for this stuff but honestly I can't be bothered... I do QA for a living, I'm not going to pay for a full priced game and then spend my evenings doing this for Ubisoft.

I really feel like this game could have used another few months in the oven, fine tuning controls would be nice (yeah I've got gold on a bunch of trials but who cares when it generally all comes down to chance and whether gravity/board control will let you continue or lose it completely, whats the point?). I also feel like turning off trick control actually gives me a better chance of not losing it when landing... which is weird. It would be nice to see a list view of all of the events divided into categories because moving around that mountain view with the cursor is terrible... sometimes you zoom in and then it starts to zoom out on its own, along with that super slow cursor. Accidentally moving over an event and hearing the same voice over time and time again for something I'm not interested in playing (paragliding, super-yawn) is annoying. I also have a PS4 Pro... would have liked to have seen some kind of support for that out of the box. I'm sorry guys I know a bunch of heart went into this game, but in the end it's all a bit flat and under cooked. I wouldn't call it No Man's Sky or anything that drastic, but I did hope for more and feel genuinely let down. I guess I'll be taking this game back and will check it out in a few months when it's been patched.