View Full Version : Game isn't saving properly

12-06-2016, 09:32 PM
I got the legend rank today and unlocked the helmet for it and equipped it onto my rider. I then quit the game later on after making sure it had autosaved when i came back on i was legend in all styles except explorer (the one i got last) and i still had all the points of interest that i had found earlier to get to legend explorer. It had also removed the outfit i had made which has been happening since i first got the game but even though it has removed the legend rank from me i still have the helmet and the explorer helmet too . Before this i had quit the game a bit after getting level 25 only to then go back on a few hours later and be demoted back to level 24. It's like the game saves my progress on the map but not the progress for my character.

*EDIT* I went back on and got legend rank back,made another outfit then did some challenges to make sure it had autosaved again and went off i then immediately went back on to test it and it had kept my rank but still removed the outfit so idk what is going on.