View Full Version : ACU.exe crashed

12-06-2016, 08:43 PM

I have an issue with assassin's creed unity.

When i launch the game in Uplay or directly in my browser, the message ACU.exe crashed comes. :nonchalance:

I have already :

- update my videocard.
- Launch in administrator + windows 8 or 7.
- delete and reinstalle all the game.

Help me please, :(

have a nice evening. :D

My link for Dxdiag and the rapport about the game of Windows.


12-07-2016, 03:20 AM
You can try these possible answers


I know some people go to uplay settings and start in offline mode then select go online when they play and that works for some people.

Also you could try,

go to Mes documents/ assassin's creed unity and right click on ACU.ini and go to properties and untick read only.
Save the properties and close.
Open ACU.ini with notepad
The first line will probably be [GRAPHICS]
change it to [GRAPHICS_DX11]
save it and close the file...

that fixes it for some people.

I hope you are playing soon :)