View Full Version : Micro and makro freezes

12-06-2016, 12:00 AM
Hey Ubisoft!

Just wanted to inform you that I'm getting micro freezes from time to time.
They are about 4-5 secs long and increase in frequency when other players are around.

When a freeze occurs the game stops but the music and sound effects keep on playing.
Usually the game continues after a bit, but I got 2 freezes today where I had to crtl+alt+del and kill the task.

I'm playing on Pc with a R9 280X 3GB, I5 6600k and 16 GB Ram.

Furthermore I'm going to use this issue to address a bug I have found, where my character will sometimes lose a lot of speed or stop entirely when moving over edges (ramps, hills, etc).
I would be glad if you could investigate a bit on how or why this occurs.
It made the BWAAAAHH! Challenge a real nightmare (since you are moving pretty slow to begin with).

In the end, thank you for this amazing game and all the work you put into it.
I sincerely enjoy it!

Kind regards

Keav :)