View Full Version : Assassins Creed: Syndicate. Installation stoped at 32GB from 35GB

12-05-2016, 05:31 PM
Installation stoped at 32GB from 35GB.
Tried to install on ssd (free space 120gb) and on hdd (free space 500gb), same problem.

I can play only prolog fisrt 2 missions, and than game told me to wait until it's completely install, but this won't happen until few hours.

Is there any way to fix it? :(

My PC win 10 (i5, 970gtx, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd, 1tb hdd). Don't have this problem with other games (Division, Primal)

Firewall, windows defender is off

12-06-2016, 06:33 AM
Found a solution.
I downloaded game from torrent, install it, and than in Uplay use "scan for game", and Uplay downloaded missing files.
But, sometimes game crush. ;)

12-06-2016, 04:12 PM
try to verify the game files

12-07-2016, 11:14 AM
try to verify the game files

Verified them. It's always crush after finishing quest missions, after cinematic cutscenes. Godbless autosave after this missions. So I don't have to replay this quest missions.