View Full Version : XBOX ONE - Game Crashes & Not Loading.

12-05-2016, 04:30 PM
Can anyone shed some light as to why my game just wont seem to work?

I played the game for the first time yesterday without any hiccups.

I log onto the game today & to begin with, the game must of taken around 15 minutes to load. the 'Ubisoft' intro screen seemed very 'laggy' and it just took forever.
Once in, i played for around 2 minutes, and when ported in to a new area, my guy sat on his board, and wouldn't budge....... every other control worked expect and interactions with my avatar.
So i restarted the game, and since then the game just will not load.... i get so many different results. One being 'the game has taken too long to load'
When the game does eventually start, it gets stuck on the loading game 1/3 part, annd freezes and returns me to the dashboard.
i have successfully reached the game part a couple of times, only to have a bug where my avatar wont move again?!

I have tried multiple solutions, hard reset on my xbox, re installing game, cleaning disc, removing save data..... all with no success.

Anyone any ideas?

12-05-2016, 07:54 PM
BUMP - Totally crazy. unable to play the game what so ever. I am now getting a complete freeze on the 'Conecting to steep server' loading screen. The game freezes, sound locks up and then 5 seconds later, the game closes.