View Full Version : Next Title Update? - Xbox One Unable to Join Issue

12-05-2016, 04:58 AM
Can anyone give me an idea of when the next title update will be? I read under the "Known Issues" post that the Xbox One issue where you can't join your friends will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately both me and my friend are having the same issue so the current workaround of having them invite you or vice-versa does not work. So we are essentially stuck in solo mode until this update happens.

Not currently how I want to play the game and it worries me when I've seen title updates take weeks to months to come out. Might be a good hot fix item as it is kind of game-breaking in my opinion.

It also seems like it may be related to the fact that the game becomes able to play when it is only 50% complete downloading. Both me and my friend wanted to get a head-start on the tutorial and it seems to have broken that part of the game.

Any response from Ubi would be greatly appreciated.