View Full Version : MSAA Settings revert to "None"

12-04-2016, 10:52 PM
Please respond to my other tech support thread first: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1529392-Field-of-View-Adjustment?p=12089156#post12089156

When I change MSAA from "none" to "Temporal Anti-Aliasing" it always reverts back to "none". Sometimes after restart, sometimes after a few minutes of gameplay. I really can't tell whether TAA is being turned on at all, or at which point it reverts to "none". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12-05-2016, 07:12 PM
Yes its an issue with me on pc as well. Im sure many get this just not reporting it. Nothing seems to save. ha. I figured I'd answer ya seein Ubi probably wont. I posted bout 3-4 detailed threads regarding the same thing almost. Not so much as a fart in the wind my direction LOL. Ol' Ubi up to their ol' tricks! Good luck on those stutter y slopes!

12-06-2016, 12:39 AM
Ubi has been really good about answering my stuff so far, so I can be patient for now.