View Full Version : Horrible Performance[SLI poor/pops n' stutters/blips n' dips]

12-04-2016, 07:01 PM

All the basics: updates, updated windows, drivers, re installations, re adjustments, restarts, alls been done.
TITLES such as GTA V (onlines a different story sometimes), Talos, Doom, Dirt Rally, to name a few, run butter smooth.

Default settings with the NO MSAA, fullscreen, 144hz, 2560X1440
Im getting an average of 73 fps 3.2GB/8GB VRAM used. However during crucial times, it dips even still to 50 or lower --

SLI is horrible stuttery, and flakey (odd behavior), not even an option now since its very much unplayable.
(VRAM options in steep read 11GB/8GB VRAM used while SLi is active..? But uses 5.3GB or something with ONE card on ULTRA, 8MSAA, scale default.
UBISOFT repored SLI is active on this title! So ...

MY RIG:: 6700k 4.0, 32GB, Sabertooth Z170 DDR4, 1080 GTX (evga) SLI, 144HZ ROG ASUS MONITOR, 1100 PSU, -- what else...Win 74 Pro 64 ....

Ive posted a couple times on this already but man, I keep trynna deal but Lord almighty, for a game where you go fast; pops and stutters with bad frames is just a killer.

Is this really just an issue with the lack of an nVidia driver now or is this a Steep issue? I dunno. Drivers are funky sometimes especially new titles so just ventin a bit and throwin this out there for another 1080 owner.

12-05-2016, 04:48 AM
LOl no replies UBI?
I've left two of these detailed threads. I think yall only respond to quick issues with little info huh? Or cute pictures?
LOL. lemme know so I can get some help after droppin all this lettuce! Or please just acknowledge its logged as an issue or im just a ******, either feedbacks appreciated!


12-05-2016, 07:00 AM
Chalking this up as a final loss for DOOKIESOFT games, wont purchase another unless on BIG SALE.
Will wait for nVidia releases to 'fix' this issue. Or Ubi patches.
WIll keep my fingers crossed that you all use my money wisely LOL.
Will remember The Crew.