View Full Version : Can't climb vines - Please help!!!

12-04-2016, 02:55 AM
Hey guys!

I recently bought Primal with all the DLCs and it includes up to patch 3.

I have a problem - I can't climb vines. No matter how many angles or directions I try, there's no prompt. I read up on the matter and everything states it was fixed with patch 1.2.0 - this clearly isn't accurate.

To make matters worse, I'm at the Eagle feather cliff climbing quest and I'm stuck because I need to climb a vine - there's no way around.

Please help!!!


12-04-2016, 09:20 PM
The climb button is the one for jump - but most of the time when you get near to it, it will get automatically into the climb mode - up and down - at least it does in my game and then I just have to press W for up and S to slide down on it. Make sure that you have a climbable vine though, it has to show in hunter view in yellow.