View Full Version : Connection Error DE-008-02 for Steep

12-03-2016, 06:20 PM
Hi,I have the above connection error when I attempt to log in and play Steep.

Now, I've had a look through the forums and there was a similar incident with a PS4 user which matched my circumstance in as much as my UPlay account has been around since the year dot so it doesn't have any associated email address. I've managed to log on here to post using that account, but I had to log in using the Xbox Live icon as I have no email/password combo which would actually get me logged in!

Can someone contact me with regards to setting up an email address on my UPlay/Ubisoft Club/Whatever it's called nowadays account so that I can, hopefully, get past the connection screen and slam a virtual man into some virtual mountains.

My Uplay account is linked to this log in so hopefully you can track it down - it's Geofortean and tied to my Xbox Live profile. It's at level 30 or something, so no way in chuff do I want to lose that!!


12-04-2016, 07:53 PM
Have confirmed through so judicious poking about the internet that the DE-008-02 connection error does indeed relate to not having an associated email address on your UPlay account, so if someone could get in touch and help me add an email address that would be bloody super and I can start enjoying sliding down mountains at a rate of knots.