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12-03-2016, 09:55 AM
so They recently released the Ezio collection, witch is cool and all, but what we really need is a total ground up rebuild of the original Assassin's Creed with all of the current gen movements and assassination's, the 1:1 scaling found in Unity and afterwards, new ways to approach the original assassination missions. Revamp and amplify the inviestigations, add optional assassination contracts to replace the hidden templars, ect. ect. I would love to the game finally live up to the potential that it had. Just Imagine the Holy Land to it's full scale glory. COMBAT SHOULD STAY SIMILAR To THE ORIGINAL SYSTEM OR THE SYSTEM USED IN UNITY, SYNDICATE AND EZIO COMBAT FELT LIKE I WAS PLAYING STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED AKA EASY AS POOPING.

it would also be a killer opportunity to revamp the competive multiplayer. it would be awesome to see a gamemode where we see players as actual guards and actually assassins. I have a a lot of ideas for that actually, but that is a topic for another day (honestly you should just hire me as creative director for multiplayer because I'm the best)

Sigma 1313
12-03-2016, 03:41 PM
I actually think that an AC1 remake would work really well with a Shadow of Mordor style assassinations. You have the targets from the beginning and must perform investigations that will give actual information and allow Altair to change how he's going to go forward with the assassination. If this is the way they want to go in the future, it's a good way to test how the community likes the change. I would say don't change any story and as little dialogue as possible. Multiplayer is a completely different conversation though, but you should post about your ideas.

12-03-2016, 03:52 PM
I think a remaster of Assassin's Creed I, in the same quality as that of COD remaster would be amazing. I wouldn't want them to remake the whole game, even though I'd warmly welcome it, if it ever happens. But I think next year is the 10th anniversary of the first game and the overall franchise, so releasing a remaster in November, a remaster where everything is revamped and improved, would be wonderful and then brining the next game in 2018, say in March or April, or even in Summer/Fall.

12-03-2016, 07:13 PM
Nope, count me out.

AC1's parkour was superior to the latest games, 1:1 scale is unnecessary for overall enjoyment of the game and I don't want useless side missions like delivering letters or investigating a random murder. AC1 wasn't perfect, but it was a relatively tight and focused package. I'm not a fan of historical revisionism of the George Lucas kind where you "improve" a piece of gaming history by putting in all kinds of unnecessary bells and whistles that weren't part of the original. I love AC1 just the way it is and I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole if they tried to make it more like the new games just to be "hip". Because the new games will be outdated in 10 years too, replaced by new game design philosophies and control schemes. The point of the past is to teach us about the present and future. Look at how things were done before and learn from them, don't try to pretend those things were always there or should have been.

12-03-2016, 08:52 PM
I would really like this actually, especially for next year's 10th anniversary. However it should at least come with a port of the original AC1 for the newer consoles. At its core, the mechanics should stay the same, with a few adjustments.

In terms of parkour, vaulting could be introduced, along with parkour down, to improve flow. The movement could be made more loose with slight adjustments to animations, but the level of precision and climbing speed should stay the same.

The combat should stay the way it was but with new animations. Maybe they could add double counters similar to AC3. These shouldn't affect the difficulty as they don't happen often, but they are so satisfying when they do.

In terms of stealth, just add stuff like ledge, hay bale and corner assassinations. I would appreciate it if they brought a greater focus to stealth, designing missions to accommodate for it more. 1:1 isn't necessary, but if it includes interiors count me in. Interiors could bring so much life to the world, and if it is a big thing then they might as well just add Unity-style stealth.

TBH, if it comes out alongside Empire next year, I wouldn't mind if they just use Empire's engine and gameplay mechanics. However, again, it has to come with the original AC1 as it was.

12-03-2016, 09:23 PM
I loved the original as well, I've played through it probably 4-5 times. but seriously, the chase and parkour system need the update. the original system was super duper choppy. honestly the original parkour system was horrible up until Brotherhood. and AC4+ had great manoeuvering. Im kind of surprised they released the Ezio trilogy with the old movements. seems like a easy excuse to be lazy on the development side. although it is 3 games as opposed to 1.

and to six keys, like I said, i loved the original, so much, that i would consider playing it even after they made the remake of my dreams. but the parkour was like you were crawling up buildings, very anticlimactic when in a chase. almost comically bad. now that is opposed to some moments in unity and syndicate where it feels like you are spiderman. AC4 had the most solid parkour let's be real. the extra content i would like to see is bonus assassinations like assassin contracts in AC4 or like the Coop missions in unity. I agree some side content like Murder mysteries seem like a desperate and lazy attempt to add gameplay value but even these were more interesting than the original side content for AC1 which was "occasionally find a random templar wandering or sitting around in a completely random location and killing him" or "collect the flags!!!!". Playing the main story will only take you through a portion of the map for a short 30 minuets or so, then you will never need to go that spot again. adding real side missions would make a total remake appeal more to long time fans as well as players who have never played the original. Adding somethinbg like the Borgia Towers would help out the game a lot as well.

(side note: add option to allow players to choose between original voice actor and Altair's voice actor from Revelations.) and on that note i agree the main story should stay the same. Maybe add some new stuff to do in the Abstergo Apartment Suite though. Like take a shower with Lucy or something like that.

05-17-2017, 01:29 PM
Imagine this, AC1, Altair's Chronicles, Bloodlines, the stuff from Revelations AND the things in the Secret Crusade all in one game. That would be HEAVENLY.