View Full Version : XboxOne DE016-02 Ubisoft WTF!!!???!!!??

12-03-2016, 06:49 AM
Guys, this is absoultely pathetic!

I played the Alpha test version back in October, then the following closed Beta. Everything worked fine and I ordered the Gold Version of the Game. The next closed Beta *(18-21 Nov) I could not play due to an Error DE-016-02. I can get into the game, my rider quickly pops up then a cut scene follows and all of a sudden I get kicked out with Connection Error Error DE-016-02. . Now that happens again on the released version and I cannot play the game.
I followed the troubleshoot such as switching off the console, unplugging etc. Nothing helps! Please advice.

BTW, in the support chat I am currently NO 48.... Wait, in the time I wrote this mail, I moved to No 45!!! Yay....

If you release such crappy products, man up your fracking support at least!!!!

No, I dont want my money back because I want the Game! I love it and I am ready to pay prime for it! So kick your freaking team in the *** and build a stand alone game! I give a rats a.s to share my rides with others and I give freaking s..t about riding with others. Make a damn stand alone version. And make it quick! Cant be that difficult. The Witcher 3 is way bigger than Steep and it works flawlessly!

Now I moved in support to No 40!!!! You guys must have issues like hell! SOLVE IT!