View Full Version : The Ezio Collection with AC Brotherhood. The bug is back. Warning You may see Spoiler

12-03-2016, 04:19 AM
Remember, back in last gen. when, after the truth of ac b, there was a bug/glitch that make Desmond fusion with the animus, making us unable to talk to Lucy and the others to try to get more md conversation. Well, like said above, the bug is back. This time, in the Ezio collection. It's like it never left. Here is a video I made as proof. Also, before you watch it, don't forget that if you never finished the truth of ac brotherhood, it contain spoilers. So, I'll put it in a spoiler tag.


Could ubisoft just patch this bug, please. The conversation I might get if this bug is patched, were one of the main reason why I buy the Ezio collection.

Can someone send this to ubisoft, please? I play on ps4, by the way. :-\

Edit. Tomorrow, I'll try to talk to the ubisoft live chat support about it. :-\

12-03-2016, 09:44 PM
I just contacted the ubisoft live chat support. They telled me they will send this to the devs. I hope they will patch it somewhere between now and the next time I'll play ac b. The person I talked to said there is a more or less big chance. ^-^

12-04-2016, 09:05 PM
This Trilogy is more or less a copy and paste from the originals, which means that they contain all of the flaws that the original versions had. Ubisoft didn't even try to fix anything. Did you know that the poison blade and throwing knives belt are still bugged in ACB? Yeah, they don't appear outside of the VR Missions. There's a bug that makes them invisible and it is consistent. You can't fix this bug nor avoid it. This remaster is basically a mod that reskins old textures, and that is it. Really disappointed. Not to mention that the movies are complete crap and run at a poor framerate.