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12-02-2016, 08:36 PM
In order of appearance:

Switch Restart on Skis:

Bug: When restarting a ride on skis the rider is sometimes facing backwards for no reason at all.
Frequency: Low
Reproducible: Random
Fixed by Restart Ride / In-Game Teleport / Restart Game: Mostly / Mostly / No Effect

Bumpy Restart on Skis:

Bug: When restarting a ride on skis, the rider seems to be moving awkwardly when starting to ride, like he was stuck in something, leading to a few very jarring camera shakes.
Frequency: Always
Reproducible: Yes, restart ride on skis
Fixed by Restart Ride / In-Game Teleport / Restart Game: No / No / No

Confusing Wingsuit Tips:

Issue: The English Wingsuit tips shown on the right side of the screen say:
"Push left stick down to hold your ride"
"Push left stick up to jump and dive"
Which makes no sense that I could discern.

Solution: Look at the texts again (there are also several typos and missing letters all over the game texts)

Constantly present Random Player Icons on the screen:

Issue: After passing in the general vicinity of two players (by which I mean a few thousand meters), the players horribly large and non-transparent icons do not disappear even if I have no interaction with them, am not close to them or have any interest in them - neither was I grouped with them at any time. It's more stuff on the screen that I don't need, and if I cannot, for whatever reason, turn off player icons, at least make them fade out after a few seconds.
Frequency: Always
Reproducible: Yes - once player icons are on screen they don't vanish
Fixed by Restart Ride / In-Game Teleport / Restart Game: No / No / No

Level-Up Notification blocks center of screen even during challenges

Issue: The once again horribly big and non-transparent level-up notification just pops up the second you level up - no matter what you do or if you are, and this is infuriating, in the middle of a challenge. You have a great run in this super-tough challenge and suddenly you cannot see your rider for several seconds and that equally horrible narrator is telling you stuff you don't want to hear, trying to sound cool but not succeeding.
Frequency: Always
Reproducible: Yes - Level up and have your screen blocked by unnecessary information
Fixed by Restart Ride / In-Game Teleport / Restart Game: No / No / No

Solution: NO Notifications (or dialog) during challenges and move level notifications to the side of the screen.

No way to turn off HUD Elements, Player Icons, Challenge inserts, Tutorial Tips, Notifications, Trick names, Timing stuff etc

Issue: I don't want to know what trick I just did. I don't want to see other players' icons when doing a challenge. I don't want the challenges while freeriding blocking half of my screen. I don't want to know if I leveled up while I'm riding or flying around. I don't need to be told when I messed up my jumps or why. I don't need the Tutorial Tips to explain the controls to me (especially if they`re all like the Wingsuit Tips).
Some people will like all of that, but a lot of other people don't want it. I played the Betas for over 40 hours. I don't need tips or any of that stuff.

Solution: Options to turn off the stuff you want turned off. PLEASE!

To be continued...