View Full Version : [Xbox] [USN] SORG needs YOU!

Hawkeye Pi3rce
12-02-2016, 03:25 AM
The SORG is a Semi-Realism Navy-based group for the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands. We're looking for eager and dedicated people to join our team. The SORG's goal is to simulate a Navy special warfare unit through the use of an accurate ranking system, instilling basic military discipline in members, and unifying people with a want for purpose in a game under a single flag. Some might call it roleplaying, others acting. Us, we call it commitment to duty. We need people who are willing to step into the role of a special operator, even at a minimal level. If you want a team of people almost as dedicated as real servicemen, look no further. You want the SORG, and the SORG wants you.
For more info, or if you want to enlist, head to our website:http://sorg.clanwebsite.com/
Hooyah, Sailors!