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12-01-2016, 10:07 PM
Hello all,

I'm the founder of a STEEP Discord server which I am constantly trying to make of it the reference meeting point for the STEEP community, might it be the French, the English or other communities. This server is also part of The Ubisoft Discord Association (TUDA), created by me and a the owner of the ForHonor Discord server. The aim of this association is to do a melting pot between the communities of all popular Discord servers tied to Ubisoft games. We already have The Crew, Assasin's Creed, Rainbow 6:Siege, The Division, For Honor, Trackmania and Watch Dogs Discord servers in the association.

Hundreds of players are already on the STEEP Discord server, including members from the Ubisoft staff. 100 players joined us in October during the Closed Alpha and 400 more joined us during the Beta. The invite link for the server is https://discord.me/steep for the Discord browser app and https://discord.gg/FmUYsG5 for the desktop and the mobile app.

This server is multilingual (8 languages are supported) and it offers you many text channels to discuss with others about everything you'd like: help, general, offtopic, bot commands,, suggestions/feedback, content-creation channels are available for example. The main languages (French, English, German, Italian and Spanish) will have more dedicated text channels than less used languages (Russian, Portuguese and Dutch). For voice channels, you'll have at your disposal 1 or multiple channels per game platform and per main language, a bunch of Stream Rooms, and Open Rooms for less-used languages and to play with friends. You'll even have Jukebox rooms to party all night long :cool: !

We have added bots to give you the weather, to play music and videos, to auto-assign roles to you, to send jokes or random cute animals pictures...:D

Our role system is huge: here's a list of roles we deliver: Alpha/Beta, Streamers/Youtubers, Administrators, Moderators, Helpers, SubReddit Moderators and even DJ! We reward high roles to deserving players who invests a lot in the community.

Because a strong and united community is important to enjoy the game together, when you log on the server, please read very carefully the information in #rules-and-info, #regeln-und-infos or #regles-et-info and in #role-register. Please also share your game accounts in #game-and-uplay-id so we can all add you to play with you ingame. You'll find somebody's game platform and spoken languages by clicking on his name on the user list on the right..

I really hope this server will fit you perfectly. Don't hesitate, join the fastest growing community around STEEP and don't forget to spread the information to your friends and to streamers or youtubers!

12-02-2016, 01:09 AM
Lets throw a party up in there!