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11-30-2016, 07:24 AM
Hello Ubi,
I'm here to ask some question about this game. The Club competition is not available anymore? I would love to participate in Club competition but when I go to club competition it shows "Coming Soon". Is it dead for an eternity? That's it? No more CC anymore? People are waiting to play again. If you would open the CC again. It may boost the players to play again before you release the new AC series. Thanks :)

12-01-2016, 02:28 PM
The club competition was great, we played and won every week. At the time there must have been an enormous number of clubs and leagues and all the prizes were weapons and clothing but even if teams lost, the items were unlocked and available a few weeks later.

So all the prizes are now part of the game and are unlocked. In order to have a CC again there would need to be additional rewards, and that would require someone to create them and then there would be a new menu so they could be added to the clothing and weapons and it would need advertising and the competition and leagues would need setting up again and it wouldn't draw the same amount of players as it had the first time round. Basically a great amount of work for very few people.

The CC was great at the time but I doubt it can be repeated in Unity. The only other option would be to remove the items that people already have and ask them to win them back again and I'm not sure that will encourage players back to the game. Which is a shame because Unity is a rich environment with great game play, collectables and brilliant missions.

Maybe in future, games will involve an online competition that can run constantly and allow players to get involved years after the game releases. :)

03-11-2018, 11:01 AM
well I never joined a club until i made my own so I just want a way to get the flags and the statue in my club hall