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11-29-2016, 07:59 PM
I don't have too much to add to it this time. This was one of the first discussions we had and it did not get all that much attention. However, I do feel the discussion was pretty fruitful even though it was quite the small one. So without further ado, enjoy your read!

Note: We just touched only a fraction of what could be discussed So please, if you'd like to bring something up, do not hesitate to do so!

On the topic of: Campaign

Some may not know yet that the game does in fact feature an option to play co-op. You'll be able to bring one of your friends with you and fight alongside each other! I would also like to take this opportunity to ask anyone interested in discussing, what do you expect to get out of the campaign? What would you expect to be able to do? Special missions that would feature things that would be limited to campaign missions and not in one of the multiplayer modes. Such as controlling a ballista on the castle wall to fight off incoming enemies, perhaps aim at a castle with a trebuchet? Special executions against mission bosses? Campaign exclusive rewards?

Time: About an hour

Discord Discussion
It started off with a comment about the general direction of the campaign being rather easy to predict, however, what was harder to predict was the road towards that general direction. What would we come to face along the way? Pretty fast after asking the question it went towards the hot topic of the day, co-op. While the whole things sounds neat, charging in with your best friend, a few concerns came up. Will they change the co-op to make it harder when playing as more than one player? More enemies to fight? Fighting bosses was one of the biggest concerns as there currently has been no real explanation on how the co-op bosses will play out. Several ideas came up and quite a few ideas revolved around choosing one player that gets ‘in the ring’ with the boss while the other one stands to the side. Several suggestions came up revolving that the player aside could occasionally get to fight off enemy captains coming in to help their dear boss. The boss being on a hard difficult, the captains would come in on a lower difficult but perhaps in several at time same time. Thus giving you a choice to choose whether you’d like to fight in a scenario against a strong solo opponent or maybe fight in an outnumbered situation instead. Other suggestions pointed towards a way of interrupting the boss fight, thus turning it into a 2v1 but the boss would become enraged gaining more or less a general all around buff to make him harder to beat. Some kind of double boss was also suggested, resulting in more or less a brawl scenario.

What one could also think about is ways they might change the campaign to make the co-op flow in a better way. Example being that instead of getting one task, you will both be getting your own task to fulfill rather than having the same task. Example being that one climbs the wall, and fights to let everyone inside, while the other one protects a certain general and helps the minions properly storm the castle. So, one would be leading the charge while the other does a few small tasks on the side.

I proceeded to ask a question about special events like using a tool for some kind of use. We have seen things like using a hook to climb but that’s pretty much it, it does suggest that we’ll see more events such as it in the future. Another example being in the knight mission we were shown where you use a tipped catapult to the rid of some enemies on the wall. This was however more or less a cutscene, it is still a good sign that they are being quite creative towards making ‘special events’.

One of my own concerns is if and how they will make more events in such a way that it will give you a break from the usual Art of Battle system and at the same time not be made into something boring. Whilst the system is really fun and all, it would feel pretty 'meh' to run through a campaign with just that. However, I do feel that my concern is most likely unnecessary and that I will be happy with the amount of ‘special events’ and the creativity of the events.

I did bring about the same discussion to reddit, whilst it did not become very big as a discussion, it is still something you might want to read! Click here to be brought to the reddit page. (https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5dglx1/on_the_topic_of_campaign_related/)

We have had loads of different discussion in our discord and you should definetely come in and have a chat with us! Talk about anything regarding For Honor and I'd bet a barrel of mead that someone would love to jump in and chat with you!

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12-01-2016, 08:03 PM
Interesting ! Thank you for giving that summary of your discussion.

I tried to start a thread about the campaign here:
My personal view is that the general direction of the storyline seems to be predictable indeed and the characters seem very flat.
I am totally happy about the campaign, nonetheless! If one doesnt expect a great stroyarc or JRPG-stuff, then it should offer a lot of "cool-moments". In only two (three if you count the samurai peak) short glimpses of campaign-gameplay we have seen glorious stuff like storming a beach under catapult fire, defending castle walls under catapult fire, climbing a wall under catapult fire, beeing raised to knighthood after catapult fire. And generaly a lot of catapult fire!!! I think ForHonor's campaign will be more about strong scenery and less about story. Like a 300 Movie.

There is a slight chance that the campaign gets boring after a while if it becomes too much of a parade of art of battle encounters, this is what multiplayer is for and fighting against bots might feel like a waste of time for players who want to hone their skills. What we have seen looks much better than that, though.

I am looking forward to it and will play it before hopping into multiplayer, if it is not too long.

P.S. I also think the campaign shouldnt be too long. I never said that before about any campaign, i like putting 200hours+ into story-based games, but in this special case i personally dont want to be distracted from the real deal for too long and also dont want the devs to invest too many resources into it.

12-01-2016, 09:33 PM
There is a slight chance that the campaign gets boring after a while if it becomes too much of a parade of art of battle encounters, this is what multiplayer is for and fighting against bots might feel like a waste of time for players who want to hone their skills. What we have seen looks much better than that, though.

Depends on difficulty level and what the bots are actually capable of.

During the alpha I saw a lot of people complaining about how hard the bots were. Indeed, I found that if you were able to beat bots consistently you were better than at least half the players. If the bots in the campaign were at least at that level, I think it would provide a majority of players with adequate challenge, and would also make for better challenge from opponents in multiplayer. It would be even better if you could adjust their difficulty, and make them even harder. ;)

12-13-2016, 01:59 AM
where did you get info saying the campaign will be co op split screen got cut, but will there actually be an online co-op campaign i have emailed ubisoft and looked everywhere and found nothing other than the website which has said the same thing about the campaign since before the cut of split screen, in the video after alpha he does say online co op but does not mention campaign co op

12-13-2016, 03:17 AM
I know that our campaign info for this, is that we start as a knight, then as a viking, and finally a samurai. While it may be to late to even consider this as a possible idea for campaign; what if the campaign was somewhat resemblant to the open world schematic of The Division.

just in the sense of an open world for honor, split into three sections of the map.....Land of the knights, Land of the Vikings, and Land of the Samurai.
NPC's and grunts resemblant to the land and factions they're apart of are constantly spawned into the world, while there are various mission notifications and icons dispersed throughout the land.
And Hell you could even have a " Dark Zone" where that section of the world consists of super hard to beat Npcs, and Players. When you kill players and npc's, you collect loot and gold...etc.
I mean, it could make somewhat sense considering that there could be one, really vast extension of land that didn't regrow from the devastation we saw in the cinematic trailer. (even if it was 1000 years ago.)

I wrote a big thing on this fantasy of mine so I won't say much more than a main summary of it. Again, I know it is probably too late, but if anything I would like the idea of for honor being an open world game in a possible sequel.