View Full Version : [PC] Assassins creed unity Sequence 7 memory 3

11-27-2016, 09:57 PM
In the first part of fighting Bellac I am able to clear the 1st part of repeated "E" button click second part I am not able to cover have been at it for a hour clearing the 1st part and not able to clear the second part of the E button click. Please let me know is any workaround it there a solution or way to bypass this fight.

UBISOFT I heard very bad comments stating you guys never respond I hope that is not the case.

11-29-2016, 12:40 AM
Hi Shahzad417, welcome to the forums!

It could be that there is some lag occurring which is causing the second "E" click to not register quickly enough. Have you tried changing your settings to see if you can reduce any potential lag?

(I've moved this thread to the hints/tips page since it doesn't involve a glitch or bug)