View Full Version : -The_Team- Now recruiting mature and dedicated players!

11-27-2016, 02:50 PM

Are you looking for a competitive and/or casual team in Rainbow 6 Siege and other games? Do you like to laugh until your sides hurt? Maybe you want to just play with some actual people that communicate and work together?

We're an open and inclusive community, welcoming all people and by all, we mean all! If you're human (or a dog that can play) we want you!

The Team is all about having a great time doing what we love from competitive to casual to debating the next patch and obviously just messing around between all of that.

We have room for more ESL teams with some great scrims to be had in whatever tournaments and leagues we chuck ourselves into.

We now run weekly competitions for members to show their skills against each other, are you game?

If you're a streamer or youtuber then we have some exciting things lined up for the website that will suit your needs too, so be sure to tell us about your stream and channel when you sign up and we'll be happy to support your broadcasting career ":^)

So how do you join? Head to the website at: theteam.xyz where you will find all sorts of wonderful information.
You want to dive straight in and play? Then head to our TeamSpeak the address is: theteam.xyz

See you soon, you lovely person you (or dog) :)