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11-27-2016, 01:43 AM
I really loved Assassin's Creed: Black Flag: the storyline, the characters, everything. But i was really disappointed when i read that Edward Kenway died fighting two men who weren't a really big deal, they weren't some important characters, they were just two regular men from the templars, and Edward fought a lot of them in his life. some say that he was a little rusty and old, plus he drinks a lot but doesn't matter, That broke my heart. I expected one of two thing for a main character: a really epic death fighting at an important battle that mean something, like a sacrifice for a cause or helping other assassins to do something big, or die as an old man like Ezio Auditore or Altair Ibn-La'Had. Dying that way doesn't feel right, so i thought a story that i would love to play.

I didn't thought a whole story so there is a lot of holes but here are some important things that came to me:

1- We could see Edward writing a letter or something telling his story (the same we can read in the book) about where he grew up and how he became a pirate, a few gameplays about a young Edward Kenway. And at the end all the things that happened when he returned to swansea (also in the book) all this gameplays during the game, like secondary or at the begining of every sequence

2- In Black Flag we had an Edward selfish that only wanted money, now we have a man committed to the cause of the assassins.

3- Here is something very cool: Edward could kill a templar (lets call him Mr. X) that was some big deal, we move on with the game and we can see some peace with his family and stuff like the beggining of Assassin's Creed II. Then some missions could end up giving Edward some information about some Eden's artefact and the rumor that Mr. X is searching it. That doesn't make sense because he is dead but we move on.

4- Edward need a ship to continue the story (like i said, i didn't thought a whole story) so he can get back the Jackdaw like Han Solo with the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars VII, and we also could know how did he lose it in the first way,

5- We could do some missions with our beloved ship.

6- Remember the DLC Freedom Cry? Adewale found the Jackdaw in the bottom of the sea. Well, here is what really happened. An ambush to Edward, a lot of ships, a lot of action, but the Jackdaw goes down in an epic cinematic like Blackbeard's death. Edward is unconscious for a peace of wood that fell on his head. When he wakes up he sees his boat covered in flames and sinking. Now he is tied on the enemy boat and Mr. X is introduced again. Then it is revealled that he has an Eden's artifact like a necklace or a ring or something small that heals his bearer, and that is why he is still alive. Then he could tell how a lot of historical people lived long lives thanks to that, or maybe Shaun through the animus at the end of the sequence.

7- Edward escapes, with or without help from another assassins, fight Mr. X both with their hands (he could escape in the middle of the night and it was no time for Mr. X to find his guns and Edward has none, anyway this is important) they wrestle and Edward goes away (he jump to the water, or a small boat went to the rescue in the first place)

8- The Kenway family is upset because Edward is obsessed with the fight betwen templars and assassins, and he could lose his life if he goes on. Then we could see the fight with Reginald Birch.

9- And now the most important part: the ambush at Kenway's home. He fights, protects his family but this templars stab him, letting him die. Well, remember the wrestle with Mr. X? Edward wanted that to steal the Healing ring/necklace. We could see the very next day Mr. X coming to Kenway's home place and asking for him really pissed off. The news about his death met very fast and Mr. X goes to the house just to see a pool of blood, but no body. Edward is alive and it is time to save his family.

10- I think that is enough inspiration for one day, i don't know how he could save his daughter and how to permanently lose Haytham, but i know there is a lot more story to do about Edward Kenway!

Thanks for reading, sorry if my english isn't very good.
Any ideas are welcome, please Ubisoft read this, lol.

11-27-2016, 03:35 AM
nearly all charachtars and real people will die a death not fitting of their achievements its just how things happen
as for the book that says how he dies it is cannon but it wasnt wrote by those who wrote black flag and i wouldnt pay much attention to it

11-27-2016, 10:25 PM
I agree with you. I mean I know that not everyone dies an epic death, but hey, with that excuse, you can make Lara Croft trip on the Croft Manor staircase and die, and use it as an excuse to end Tomb Raider, or Arno drowning in the tub as he drunk after Elise's death...etc.

So I really wish that they find a loophole for that. I mean the game altered a lot of things throughout history and justified them by saying that Animus shows true history and the Templars changed it in history books or some stuff got lost in time..etc. So why not this?

11-27-2016, 11:56 PM
its such a pity id actualyy have enjoyed playing a second full game as edward i think he could have been as big as ezio if given the chance

11-28-2016, 02:43 AM
its such a pity id actualyy have enjoyed playing a second full game as edward i think he could have been as big as ezio if given the chance

I definitely agree. Another full game with Edward would be absolutely amazing, maybe showing his life in London as an Assassin when he returned from the Caribbean and how he built up the Brotherhood there? Edward is definitely my favourite protagonist of the series.

It's a shame about his death though. He could take on a dozen enemies at a time but gets killed by a simple henchman on his son's 10th birthday.