View Full Version : Assassin's Creed 1-Revelations:GOOD GAMES!!!

11-25-2016, 03:48 PM
The best games for me.What about you?

Disclaimer:It's sad that the multiplayer for this games is dead :(

11-26-2016, 05:54 PM
I played the original AC and while it was good and set the scene very well, the game showed the potential for a lot more... Ubisoft didn't just meet my expectation... they smashed it out of the park, AC games have constantly grown and become incredible as each year has passed.

After AC the next AC game I played was AC3 it is sttill the game by which I judge ALL games.... a great game for me must have all the elements that AC3 has, long solo campaign, lots of collectibles, missions, and puzzles. interesting characters and plot twists. (I bought this at the same time as Far Cry 3 which is an amazing game)

After playing AC3 twice, I immediately bought AC2 ACB and AC revelations to catch up. All 3 are great but AC2 drove me crazy as I struggled for hours in some of the tombs. AC Brotherhood was great and Revelations is my pick of the 3 but by such a small amount I really couldn't say any were the best.

but AC3 holds a place in my favourites forever, Black flag I loved the sailing so much I never fast travelled anywhere. Rogue explores the conflict from a different view. Unity I spent so much time in Unity I should be a Paris tour guide :) it is awesome, and Syndicate I love as I lived in London for a few years and the game has the option to go gung ho and fight constantly or play stealthily which I prefer... Also it has 2 character from which to choose.

For me, All AC games have something that the others do not have and it is often that thing that I like the most... so although I cannot say 1 game is better than any other... they all give me something I like.