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11-25-2016, 01:50 AM
Hi there!
As little intro on the whole thing I would just like to introduce my Little 'side project' that I've started. I have taken it upon myself to start discussions to increase the activity throughout the Community. Mainly in our discord(Hall of Heroes discord) but also Little bit reddit and here in the forum. There's many that have become pretty burnt out during this 'drought' when it comes to information on the game and it's not all that pleasing to see. I have posted on reddit & the forum before trying to start discussions and i'd say it worked pretty well. I have been taking records of our discussions in our discord channel and i have now decided to take a different approach to the whole thing. In the future, I will be sharing my records here on the forum and while doing so, I will also invite YOU guys to further discuss in the threads I'll be making.

By doing this I hope to achieve some healthy discussions whilst bringing forth new and fresh suggestions for everyone to read, indulge and discuss.

Note: The topic in which this discussion revolves around is at this stage only speculations of what we would like to see if a Faction vs Faction element were to be implemented in the game.

On the topic of: Faction vs Faction

Discussions about Factions and what kind of role they play into the game has always been more or less a 'hot topic', will there be a factions V faction element or is it just something you pick for the hell of it? If we for stop for a minute and assume that they will pitch each faction against each other in one way or another, in what way should they do so? An entire mode for Faction versus faction or just keep some stats where you could see which faction is the strongest faction? Faction versus faction doesn't have to be limited to any of the two suggestions I made, don't be afraid to throw in your own version of what it could be!

If Faction V Faction would be a thing. How much would you enjoy cosmetics being exclusive to Faction V Faction? Would you enjoy exclusive colors, emblems or other neat things to show off to prove that you are indeed, one of the strongest?

Time: About two hours of discussion

Discord Discussion
It took off quickly and directly went towards gamemodes, what seems to be sought for is a gamemode for FvF, such as a ‘siege mode’ where you go through several objectives to win. 3-way battles was something that also seemed to be interesting to the people discussing, whereas it could be somewhat like Planetside 2 has done. Pitch three factions against each other on a big map fighting for domination. However, whilst the idea was pretty neat it might not fit For Honor since it could get pretty messy and the size of the teams are not large enough. When it came to the map, dividing it up in sections which the faction could hold control over was somewhat of a hot topic in the discussion for a while, just to prove who’s doing the best. I brought up an example being that the map could be filled with hexes in which you decide which one you would like to fight over and take control over it if you were to be successful, I did get positive response to such an example.

Another idea was that you could keep track of each player and simply shove all the statistics together and combine all the effort from each person of a faction and see how well they did all together and create a war on the side. The pros would be that you would still play the normal game modes and always contribute towards the FvF while also not splitting people up between additional separate modes. Some found this to boring in a way and you might just ‘stop caring’ after a while, it wasn’t a popular way. (I do think it could become a great way to deal with it depending on how you would do it. It’s sounds pretty boring but I think it has a great potential.)

Faction VS Faction seasons? Why haven’t we thought of that before? It was something that took the discussion by storm and probably half of the discussion about FvF revolved more or less around this. This also brought up the old usual, somewhat locking players to characters from different factions but it did not really last for long as it was not the main thing that was being discussed. To put seasons in a simple way with one of the examples: Each season you were able to pick a faction in which you fight for, you could play any character even if not in the faction you chose. A season would last one month and you would be able to switch between factions more or less freely during the first half of the season, with a penalty however, such as losing points towards what could be a seasonal contribution reward. Switching mid or late season would negate your reward or put you back at zero contribution Points. This would be a countermeasure to stop people from ‘jumping ship’. (Keep in mind this is just an example to portray a picture of the idea.)

I brought up a question about faction VS faction exclusive reward. This sparked quite a good conversation and most held a positive attitude towards the idea. We did come to a conclusion that this should stay cosmetic only. Things that were acceptable as rewards were things like cosmetic only gear, execution moods, colors and other things limited to customization. Thus nothing that would give you an extra advantage but only make you stand out a bit extra. On the topic of the gear cosmetics, it would cost steel to transfer the appearance but it would have unlimited uses so you wouldn’t be afraid of losing the cosmetic you earned with all your hard work.
Another example was also giving the ‘top 1000’ contributors of each faction a special reward, just to prove how hard you worked for your faction during that season. Few concerns about whether or not you should highlight certain people in faction vs faction or not. Results were mixed but i felt that we landed on a more positive side when it came to the suggestion. It could vary between tiers like top 100, 1000, 5000 and maybe 10.000. However, everyone would get a reward at the end of the seasonal FvF.

Quick summarise on season & rewards: Every season pick a faction. Change with somewhat penalty until mid season, then change and lose all progress. At the end of each season, get exclusive rewards depending on how good the faction did and personal progress.

Feel free to keep the discussion going by posting in here!

If you would like to be a part of future discussions directly in the discord and discuss different things in real time, don't hesitate to join! We'd gladly welcome anyone!

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11-25-2016, 01:54 PM
I would like to see a FvF game mode where it's 4v4 and your team must fill the available classes for you faction. Like one person plays the assassin the other vanguard and so on so you can't have multiple players playing one class.

11-25-2016, 07:28 PM
Wow this is super similar to the discussion we were having in the community discord the other day! Its great to see you guys reaching out sparking discussion!

11-25-2016, 11:21 PM
During the discussion it was made clear that some people felt strongly about only matches played as heroes of your chosen faction should aid your faction, and only certain gamemodes. I think that will limit player choice. I think I should be able to try out a new hero from a different faction without feeling like I abandoned my team. Does it matter if someone plays as a samurai if they are a viking at heart? A point of contention to be sure, as for gamemodes I think it would be best if every mode counted so that we don't have a problem where the faction war modes aren't popular and the system doesn't get enough activity to work. I think it would be great if there were weekly or season gamemode faction war focuses, so maybe one week or season Dominion matches earn 1.2x faction points or whatever the units may be. Some of those gamemodes could be new trail game modes with unique settings, maybe a no HUD, no gear stats, sudden death, no feats, extra feats...something like that.