View Full Version : "Hit me with your best shot!" the guards says. ^-^

11-24-2016, 05:42 AM

I just thinked it would be great to have a friendly competition, between us all.

The competition is quite simple (or in fact they are quite simple). We will use the virtual training program of the ac b animus. It can be the ps3 version like the ps4 version like both.

Once you have made your own reccord, you write it on this thread and compare it with everyone who did the same thing.

Here are my reccords.

The races.

The practice race. 0:39.04
Short race 1 . 0:32.66
Short race 2. 0:38.64
Short race 3. 0:24.62
Long race 1. 1:33.89
Short race 4. 0:29.14
Short race 5. 0:36.38
Short race 6. 0:33.29
Long race 2. 1:35.98

stealth kill.

Hidden Blade 1. 1:32.39
Every weapons 1. 1:14.79
Hidden Blade 2. 1:09.34
Every weapons 2. 0:57.91
Hidden Blade 3. 1:25.78
Every weapons 3. 1:02.72

capture the flags

1st set of flags. 1:23.22
2nd set of flags. 1:10.08
3rd set of flags. 1:17.77

the guards are ready to battle and are saying "Hit me with your best shot"!

Don't touch me - Hidden Blade. 30
Don't touch me - Every weapons. 38
Short kill streak. 209 points.
Kill streak. 340 points.
Big kill streak. 440 points.

And you, what are your reccords? ^-^