View Full Version : List of suggestions [replay missions, new game plus, new races and more!] [Poll]

11-22-2016, 03:57 PM
Hey Ubisoft I was thinking, could you guys please make story missions replayable? I Think that it would be a good thing to unlock upon beating the main story missions, that way we can replay our favorite missions or just mess around, I think it would increase replayability a lot.

To prevent farming missions for followers perhaps make each mission have just a set follower limit that you can gain each time. I'm thinking a 60-75% penalty compared to the first time you beat it.

I would also love a new game plus mode. Unlockable after the main story when you select new game allowing you to keep your current follower level and upgrades/gear.

Finally I would adore to see more e-kart races, and maybe some street races with regular traffic, a single long stretch vs ai or multiplayer.

On that note ekart races could be multiplayer very easily i think.

Overall, except the lack of multiplayer available so far, I'm pretty satisfied with the game, but I think these changes could increase replayability and overall fun as well.

Thank you for listening.

11-24-2016, 01:59 AM
Have more peephole opportunities like what Watch Dogs 1 have.

Make a app where you can watch/listen to breaking news

Customize your own base of operations

More side operations

Have a some the side operations to show up on the map without search them

More Easter Eggs

The return of the amazing mini-games from WD1

Ability to fly a Helicopter

Ability to customize the main characters gender and race

Ability to make noise (whistle, play a sound with your phone etc) to attract guards.

Ability to 'shout' commands at a guard USING RECORDED VOICE FOOTAGE OF OTHER GUARDS! Played via your phone. Used to distract guards / move them from / too a location.

Coin / rock / bottle throw to attract guards to a location.

Drag / carry incapacitated guards to hide their bodies.

Smoke grenades to conceal an area from view - should attract guards to investigate.

Need to be able to stealth (crouch) even when not sticking to a wall. This will make crouching behind foliage which is otherwise out in the open possible where currently it isn't.

The ability to customize your weapons like skins and attachments would be pretty cool.

Being able to enter buildings such as a police station or hospital and if you went into certain buildings while infamous the cops would be on you but if you were famous they wouldn't care

More unique weapons like a bow, throwing weapons or being able to use your melee weapon instead of just using a gun

More digital trips like
Something were every npc is against you and try's to kill you
Or some sort of zombie style game

Mission replay ability

More vehicles like a chopper, jet ski, wrecking ball thing, mountain bike, train

Being able to disguise yourself as enemies to trick them