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11-22-2016, 05:29 AM
As an avid fan of the original Watchdogs and now of Watchdogs 2 I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed playing through both games. Ubisoft you have done an amazing job on the game and I feel I have to say that. However I am confused that there are a few issues that still remain from the original. The inability to replay missions is a feature that by this point in time should not even be a question. Both games have had some of the most enjoyable missions I've played in a game. Especially with the new skill trees I would love to try to complete the same mission in different ways similar to how we could in Splinter Cell Blacklist. After completing the game there is little to no desire to continue to play the game or spend any more money for the season pass. The other huge issue that I have is that you again failed to make it possible to have multiple game saves on the same gamertag. The fact that if I want to play through the game again and perhaps try a different play style or unlock different perks on the skill trees I have to delete my current game and start a new one or create a different login on my PS4 I believe to be completely unacceptable. It should be something you guys are proud of that people want to replay the missions you've created or play through the game again. Lastly I've seen it posted elsewhere on the site, but the car on demand is still terrible, the placement is often further than the destination you're trying to get to (slight exaggeration, very slight). I've saved videos of just the placement of vehicles i've requested because they were so poor that all I could do was laugh. Again thank you for making such a fun and enjoyable product I just wish that these things could be different.

11-22-2016, 03:54 PM
I would love to try to complete the same mission in different ways

That is a feature I've often wished I had in the game. It's too easy to implement. Just don 't re-awards the perks/experience gained from the first play through. There are quite a few missions I'd love to do over again, but am not willing to lose progress made in order to do so. To me, that simple fact would keep a lot of people from playing the game beyond initial completion. I'm not one of those guys, I love the watch dog series, but I've heard this very same complaint from others that I interact with on my stream.

11-23-2016, 12:59 AM
Hi all!

Great suggestions that I will pass along to the team. I'm going to close this thread as there is a similar one in the general discussion forum, which I will link here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1522893-Love-the-game-BUT).