View Full Version : Help from install PC turn off

11-22-2016, 02:40 AM
During the installation of assassins creed syndicate my pc shut down, when I called did not continue the installation, I tried to uninstall and install again but I did not finish the installation and therefore I can not uninstall, to put the media 1 only has the option to play and uninstall, no I can use none because the game was not installed, I tried to restore the pc but I could not

11-22-2016, 09:40 PM
I would say take it to a shop. There are a few possible things to try but although I would do them I would not advise anyone else to do them.
Uninstall and re-install Uplay may help.
Use Regedit to find Ubisoft in the registry and check each one and delete any relating to ACS or Syndicate (always make a backup of registry first in case i may cause problems) If Syndicate is your only Ubisoft game then you could delete all Ubisoft entries in registry.
Or format and re-install windows.
I hope you get it installed without too much trouble but a crash, power cut or shut down during an installation usually causes problems.