View Full Version : Should we expect some patch fixing Music glitches in the Ezio Collection?

11-21-2016, 01:22 PM
I mean, there are several reports about the music cut out in AC2. I suppose the music glitch in the final battle stills here too (if you are detected in the final sequence, the battle is with no music, you need to lose/restart in a nearly point to trigger it)

I suppose the Sequence 8 Brotherhood music glitch still also in the game. The ingame solution is to trigger a secondary mission like mercenaries guild or thieves guild, but if you have done with all before sequence 8, you are screwed with again, no ambiental music in the game.

The music glitch in Revelations still here too. When you finish the game, no background music in Constantinople. There's is three pieces of background music in the game, depending in which sequence you are and there is a way to trigger it once the game is finished, but again, is something people who are concerned about those issues in the past generation games, thought they will be fixed in this collection...