View Full Version : Why are the Main hispanic gang in the game wearing Blue?

11-21-2016, 09:37 AM
this may seem like a small problem to you, but having them wear blue is really disrespectful to us hispanics and our culture in northern california... I mean, was there really any research done on the latino culture in Nor Cal & San Francisco/Oakland? Blue is traditionally a color associated with the Surenos Southern California where as Red has always been traditionally associated with the Nortenos of Northern California. It has been like that since the 1960's and people have died over these colors. We take pride in red being our color as it has been for generations, as well as the number 14 which represents Northern California.

I mean, I could post up some videos that could explain it better than I could.






Nortenos are the oldest latino gang in Northern California, thats just how it is.

In oakland you got the Twomps aka the Murder Dubbs, Dirty 30s, Untouchable 60s. these all traditionally Nortenos.

In San Francisco, you got the Historic Mission District with 24th & Capp st, 22nd & Bryant, and so forth. you also got La Raza too. these are all Norteno affiliated

Surenos only started coming up to the bay area in the 2000s and they stay getting hunted down and smashed on. Maybe all you guys know about is the surenos because they are always talked about in the media and hyped up, but by putting those types of people in a game about the bay area, its misrepresenting our culture out here and making it seem like they are some type of historic gang when in truth its not like that... We differentiate ourselves from what Southern Calfiornia has. San Francisco aint LA, we do things different and talk different.

While im not good with making discussions about this sort of thing, I hope this opens up a dialog about the Culture here and about doing research into the deep history of latino culture in the bay area...

also in terms of the music selection, Ubisoft dropped the ball by adding in east coast hip hop instead of tapping into the vast history of bay area rap

11-22-2016, 11:55 PM
Wow your totally right man! The game also needs more apps. Like a zombie mini game or coin run.