View Full Version : Love It! Except...

11-21-2016, 04:39 AM
First off, I loved the first Watch Dogs. I felt most people gave up as soon as they jumped in a car. the driving just didn't feel right nor the sounds the engines made, especially motorcycles. But overall the game itself felt pretty smooth once you gave it some time, which a lot of people didnt. the story was really good and unique. the combat was fun. one thing that bugged me was the simple fact of not knowing where Aiden Pearce got his gun skills. But Pearce could get away with it because he was mysterious and middle aged so he could have some hidden past story. WD2, Retro, is young and a coder. He doesn't really have that mysterious character trait but who knows, its still early in my play through. Dedsec = awesome, artwork = amazing, Music = really good and fits very well. the opening scene running through the server rooms listening to dedsec playlist = epic.
BUT heres what is pissing me off. So far in the multiple police chases ive been in across the city, the same female cop keeps yelling at me to pull over. No matter where I am in the city she ALWAYS finds me. it would be really nice to hear different cops yelling at me in different parts of the city. She is REALLY REALLY loud too. Please turn her volume down. like if there is anything you could fix please PLEASE fix this. there is no reason for her voice volume to be that high. Lastly (very minor but still annoying) the gps is always on the wrong side of the road and makes sharp turns onto freeway off ramps on freeways, it should be smoother.

Other than that so far soo good. I am def recommending this game to others, GOOD JOB! Again though the police loud speaker is TOO LOUD!!! like didn't the testers hear that? Oh and why cant I change my melee/ takedown weapon? kind of annoying....

11-21-2016, 05:01 AM
Oh and one more thing, I don't know why game companies think that them deciding when we can and can not sneak is a good thing, stop it. Give us entire control of our characters. unless theres a button I'm missing but so far sneaking is only possible in red areas.... not cool. PLUS, why wasn't there a quest that has wrench making some cool glasses for retro that gives him these abilities of marking targets and seeing through walls. Just saying... and give whoever did the artwork a bonus cause that's whats gonna get people into this game, the overall atmosphere is really cool.

P.S. It would be a lot cooler if Retr0 would put in his headphones when music is playing and/or when he is talking on the phone. He should take them out when he is doing neither.