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11-18-2016, 09:26 PM
So, I just started playing AC Unity. I understand theres a companion app, co-op play, etc. However, this game now is 2 years old. What do I need to know about unlocking in-game content and getting all chests, achievements, etc?
Do I still need the companion app? I was able to open the first Nomad (blue) chest in Versailles at the de Serre house, however, it doesn't look like I got anything from it. Is this a bug? What do I do? Should I just leave the nomad chests alone until further along in the game?
What are initiate chests? I'm able to open these as well without doing anything special. Is this a bug?
Co-op seems cool. However, 2 years later, am I screwed here? Do I need to play co-op in order to unlock stuff or advance story, or is it just a fun side-mode?

Thanks guys!

P.S. Also, should I get syndicate? I'm not certain I want to play assassins as criminals/mobsters. I prefer them as heroes.

11-19-2016, 04:32 PM

The companion app and initiates website integration has been removed from the game, so you should be able to open blue and yellow chests. A lot of them don't contain the usual resources, so it might seem that you got nothing, but there definitely should have been some reward, such as a piece of equipment.

Co-op and heist are side missions and completing them is not required in order to progress further in the game. Having said that, it's entirely possible to play them solo and they aren't bad at all (a couple of co-op missions are a bit hard to pull off that way, but it's all doable). If you can get at least one more guy to play with (and you two actually cooperate), it can be pretty fun.

Syndicate is a fairly good game. While you do run a gang and lead them as they wrestle a rival gang for control over London, you don't go around collecting "protection" or anything like that. It is a little more hands on, but it's not too different from how you align yourself with one thieves' guild and fight the Cento occhi in Brotherhood.

11-22-2016, 04:57 AM
Well, Jacob and Evie will not be just the hero(ine) in Syndicate, they will as well receive recognition by Queen Victoria - their ways might be unusual for an AC game, but it is a quite interesting way to play and there are a lot of ways to actually achieve your goals. Syndicate offers both in a way, you can strictly follow the storyline or you can do most of the game as well at your own terms and engage once in a while into the story-driven content. To me Syndicate is a great game which offers a lot of freedom to play as you want.

As far as Unity goes - co-op missions can be done as well solo - but there is to know, that the missions do not scale down just because you are doing them solo. So if you do them alone, you will have to be more stealthy and find a smarter way to approach the issue than when you have help by other players. But those are perfectly doable, eventually even in a violent way, if you use your tools efficiently.

Edit: If you go for doing co-op missions solo I would suggest to use at least some of the Sans Culottes gear, because it enhances your stealth abilities a whole lot and the reaction time of the enemies (the time before they actually act when they discover you or until they will discover you) is longer with that gear. This combined with the high variety of tools you got will make it possible to do them on your own. Think of it like this - with stealth you do not need a lot of armor, because you will kill most by assassination and you will obscure your presence in a variety of ways with smoke bombs and if it gets critical with a stun grenade, which gives you the edge when you have to disappear and so on. You can attract enemies to a certain location and then take them out with poison gas and stuff like this - so many ways to do it, which do not require lots of armor - Sans Culottes gear is good for it.

11-22-2016, 12:59 PM
Lysette, you've got a significant spoiler in the first sentence. The game is relatively old, but here we're specifically talking to a member who only now intends to start playing it. :)

11-22-2016, 05:40 PM
Lysette, you've got a significant spoiler in the first sentence. The game is relatively old, but here we're specifically talking to a member who only now intends to start playing it. :)

No, I do not see this as a spoiler - the game's intention is to make the player character become a hero(ine) - and this is not different in Syndicate as well. Heroes are normally recognized by the public and public leaders - and Queen Victoria was the sovereign of about 25% of the world's population at this time. So it is normal that a real hero(ine) will be recognized by her royal majesty just like any other person, which does something significant in the world. I did not tell in which way she would recognize Jacob and Evie - my only intention was to make it easier for him to go for Syndicate despite his rejection of gangster/mobster background. Syndicate can be played in a bad way as well, but it is not a necessity to play it in such a style. I wanted to take the fear of having to play as a criminal away from him - given that assassinating people is per se a capital crime. So his problem with not wanting to play a criminal is somewhat strange - to assassinate means murdering people. So if he plays any AC game, the notion of eventually having to play a criminal role by raising a gang is just silly - because being an assassin is per se being a murderer and a criminal.

11-22-2016, 09:23 PM
That's a very interesting point... if we do something bad to achieve something good does that make us bad or good? That is the best thing about AC it is such a grey area but even so, sometimes I stop to think about killing others and whether it is justified.

For most people as long as we are the good guys (hero/ heroine) we can feel free to do so.... strangely, in one of the far cry games I really didn't want to kill a monkey although I'd killed hundreds of men :)

So I can understand if someone might be hesitant about playing a game as a villain even though it is just a game....

@Mervil43 I will say that in Unity there is a mission that you need to collect flags in a set time... I never achieved that solo but then I panic a lot :) but it can be done and should you get stuck there are youtube videos that may help. Unity is amazing with a huge city to explore, Syndicate is equally as good but with an even bigger city to explore and some missions can be played by either Jacob or Evie so when you replay Syndicate you can change character... personally I played as Evie as much as possible because she has a more stealth approach. :)

11-22-2016, 09:55 PM
There is no absolute bad and good in this world. What appears to be a good deed today can be seen as bad later on and the other way round. We neither know what the future will be like nor how the alternative future to our made choices would have turned out, if this would have become the future. Just an example - in WW1 an english soldier had the opportunity to shoot AH (guess it is censored, so I just use the initials), which was an act of mercy - this can be seen as good. But if we look at what was the outcome by letting AH live at this point in time, it costed millions of people their life in and before WW2. So what was an act of mercy became an unfortunate decision later on and one could even say, it was a bad decision - human at the point in time, where it was made, but with a catastrophic outcome later on.

Good and bad are simply no absolute values. And there are so many examples in history for it and as well in our personal life - like was it a bad thing to have had this or that partner in the past, even these relationships did not last?- How one sees that can change over time - like if someone has a divorce this can feel like a disaster when it happens, but later on it can feel like the best thing ever to have happened - or not - we just do not know the future nor what would have happened, if we would have decided in a different way - there is no absolute bad or good deed or decision.

Edit: I often mention the comedy movie "sliding doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow as an example for this - it shows the outcome of two time lines, based on a simple fact - in one time line she is reaching her tube in the other she doesn't - both time lines are alternative realities and during we can watch how things turn out in each of them, our perspective of what is good and bad is always shifting - I recommend to watch it. As a side note, it is very interesting to see, how well Gwyneth mastered the typical London career accent with the soundless T's and so - very impressive for an american actress.

With Evie it is not just her stealth abilities - as a throwing knife master she has double the amount of throwing knives which do even more damage than when Jacob is using them, what makes her a ranged and stealthy fighter. She is a power house of destruction and is very hard to pinpoint down by the enemy, once she has acquired her 3 master skills. Jacob cannot outperform her in the later game, but he has advantages in the early game.

12-14-2016, 11:15 PM
I been looking online and cannot find out how to get to the character customization menu? It does not appear in options only Progress tracker and Estore.

Other threads online say you have to be with in a certain percentage in the game but I have seen Custom characters with gear and weapons on the level called "using the ol noggins"

So I'm really not sure how to find this menu. I would appreciate if someone can explain what I need to know to get to the menu. Thank you

12-15-2016, 02:12 AM
It is normally in the menu just below Progress tracker, if it is not there, then maybe you do need to be a bit further in to the main missions.