View Full Version : [XBONE - NA/EU] Realm eSports League R6 Tournament [Prize Pool!]

11-18-2016, 01:34 AM
Realm eSports League: R6 Adventure Weekly


When?: Saturday, November 19th. (Time for EU/NA to be determined.)

Prizes?!: 1st Place: $250 + Winter Classic Invite | 2nd Place: $50 + Winter Classic Invite | 3rd - 8th Place: Winter Classic Invite

Attention to all XBONE Siege teams! The Realm eSports League will soon be hosting region based tournaments for Xbox One R6 Siege teams to compete in. There will be two separate tournament brackets, one for NA and another for EU. We plan on including 32 console teams into each of our tournaments. Teams who compete in these tournaments will have the chance at a $300( 300 for EU) prize pool as well as exclusive invites to Realm's Winter Classic. We aim to provide a fun, competitive event with some epic match ups and rewards! We are ramping up for our R6 Winter Classic in January, and the top 8 teams in each bracket will receive an invite to this event! More information relating to the Winter Classic will be released during/following this event.

This event will require a $30 entry fee per team with the potential of winning $250 / 250! If you are interested in registering for this event, please contact me personally! I am not a huge fan of advertisement through posts. As a result, I want to communicate with all interested teams directly. Please contact me via Discord (https://discord.gg/EJ7G5Ne), Realmromulus@gmail.com, or through the forum messaging system.

In order to avoid a terribly lengthy post, all rules, regulations, and event details can be reviewed here. (https://battlefy.com/realm-esports-league/rsl-adventure-weekly-300-prize/582c4c12ec700f2d03ce3052/info) These rules and details are subject to change if deemed necessary.