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11-17-2016, 11:44 PM
For Honor Campaign and Open world Idea’s

So I’m just gonna get straight to the point of all of this and explain my idea….. I love For honor, I’ve been following its progress since its release in 2015 and with the days shortening till its release, everyone is speculating about things they’d like to see. For me I’m going to talk about the single/ co-op campaign mode of this game, and some of my possible suggestions for what I think would make this game perfect. Truthfully not much has been dropped about the campaign other than its main background story, a trailer, and a viking and knight campaign mission; so what I’m going to talk about is how cool would For honor be if its campaign aspect maintained an open world aesthetic much like the recent Ubisoft game, The Division, or something like skyrim….

Again all we know is that we will start as a warden, move on to the raider, and then finish as an orochi. Hopefully if For Honor is successful they will make a second one and implement this in … Hopefully. And while what I will be going into detail might be too “good” to be true, all a man can do is throw out the idea and seek approval of others around him. So here it goes….

So to start off, most open world campaigns begin with you basically creating your character… how he/she looks, height, body density and of course what faction to side with as well as what hero from that faction to fight as. From there you are introduced to your vast world of whatever game you are playing. So honestly take the open world gaming system and now fuse it together with the Combat of For honor. (This is where i really started to have fun thinking about this). So you know how in Skyrim you're able to interact with with the npc’s around you about a wide variety of topics? Well why not implement that into the game of for honor as well. Some of the topics include...
Interaction topics:

Blacksmithing : asking a blacksmith to create finer armor and weaponry, engravings, symbols ...etc
Combat : being able to interact with a specified teacher/trainer designed to your type of hero class who will train you for currency. ( Ex. Orochi teacher trains your orochi character). Every time you pay for lessons you learn a new combat execution until your combat execution list is full …. AB BY XY XA ( I have an XBox one)
Creation of Castles/ strongholds/ villages to defend from attackers: Enough said.
Treaties: Ability to talk to people of other factions to make alliances/ peace treaties with one another.
Armies: ability to rise your self through the ranks of your faction and to create your own armies consisting of 3-5 Heros, and your endless amount of spawned grunts when you play certain missions

This brings me to my next point which is ….


Now we have seen some of the campaign gameplay and there are no complaints from me about it whatsoever…. On the contrary what I want to do with it is make it endless. What I mean by that is this….

Main Mission: you will always have your main faction missions that will stretch all across the land of For honor that you can run to or fast travel if you want. The missions themselves will consist of exactly what we’ve seen as well as what we haven’t seen from For Honors team. ( For purposes of makng it simple I will refer to Multiplayer modes). Dominion, skirmishes, duels, brawls

Side missions and other: Endless amount of side missions for when you finally beat the main campaign, and want to just continually level your character to his/her max level of skill, feats, weapon, and armor, and still keep playing. Missions could consist of interacting with people to do mercenary work, kill leaders of specified war gangs from enemy factions or factions of your own, civil war uprisings …. And so on. ( dominion, skirmish, duel, brawl).

There has been a constant amount of ideas regarding game modes for, For Honor, all of which I really enjoy… to be clear I am not stealing your ideas, I am shedding light on them and talking about them because they are really great game mode ideas which could really work with a game like this.
Now, If you’ve been on the forums, some of you might have read one of the forums that is titled Just Like Battlefield 1’s “operations” - game mode. If you read it through you know what I am talking about but if you haven’t then I suggest you read it after you're done reading this. To summarize it It’s like playing rush in any of the battlefields. 3-4 sections in a map and 2-3 control points in each section. The attacking team needs to push forward and control all points in order to take a section with a given amount of respawns. Defenders must hold what ever sections they can with a given amount of respawns as well. And that's it. This idea has been given a lot of praise and I really hope that it makes its way into a dlc in the future, and as an eventual game mode.
There is also an idea that someone posted out for the thought of Clan Wars, and I think it is such a great idea that is really well thought of. Truthfully it is so big that I can't summarize it so i just encourage that you find it yourself and read it
The final thing that I want to talk about is the scale and input of what I’d want in the open world idea of mine. In open world games, there is always an endless amount of npc’s that walk around… Whether it’s the division, skyrim, shadow of mordor, Fallout…etc. There is always an endless amount of soldiers/ monster/orcs/grunts that you can fight no matter where you go and this is what I’d like to see…..

Open World npc’s and co-op:
Squads ranging from 6-8 grunts and 1-2 hero class soldiers leading them. Squads themselves will be endlessly spawned into the world of for honor and will all be divided by their factions. Enemy faction squads will attack you constantly until you kill them all, and sometimes select friendly squads will attack you(depending on faction civil wars on occasion). Every once and awhile when you're running around the land, you’ll come across skirmishes between squads and you’ll be able to join in the fray no matter what factions are fighting.

Playing co-op would be a fun way for you and your friends to make alliances with one another or to wage war on one another depending on where you stand….

Co-op consist of 2-4 players online ( your open world mode is private to only you and your friends playing, so you don't need to worry about random players).
Able to make alliances with friends if you are in different factions (your alliances consist of only the armies that you and your friends can command...see above in the thread).
Ability to go on missions together or play in game mode missions against one another. (Again see above in side mission).

So for the most part that is my idea; I think that it would honestly be that never ending game that I would constantly play forever….. Nah, If the factions and the world was Lord of the rings…. Then it would be perfect to me. Any way let me know what you think.

11-17-2016, 11:58 PM
I mean, I think is a bit too late for the game to add this now, maybe for honor 2? :p

11-18-2016, 01:27 AM
Oh yea there is no doubt that this is to much to throw in last sec
definitely in For Honor 2