View Full Version : UPLAY IMPORTANT settings that needs to be added ASAP

11-17-2016, 01:45 PM

UPLAY need to add important settings ASAP, now it is VERY irritating

1. Option to disable post-game notification ads window, look, i must use uplay, your games require it, but i use if for games i don't want any forced ads on me, this ridiculous, i'm NOT using UPLAY to see to ads this is not why i installed it, so GET RID OF IS ASAP

2. Options to disable NOTIFICATION WINDOW WARNING if i try to run the game WITHOUT UPLAY OVERLAY, i have had of it, this is insane, EVERY F*** time i run a game i need to close this window, i don't want to use this overlay, ACCEPT IT UBI, i'm using a 3rd party one.

This options are VERY SIMPLE to add, so make them ASAP, if not, everyone will know that you don't add it on purse, just to force ads and crap overlay on paying customers, this is your consumer care practice?

11-22-2016, 04:22 PM
Well, no answer from support?

That's a surprise or typical ubi is just typical ubi, which mean, doesn't give a ... you know what.

08-23-2017, 09:25 PM
You are completely right, especially your second point.

I needed to turn off UPLAY OVERLAY because it produces an annoying bug in Splinter Cell Blacklist. Using the overlay causes that I always have the Windows mouse pointer in the middle of the screen. With overlay deactivated it is NOT! The overlay is causing a bug!!!111!!!eleven!!!

So I am not using the overlay. And then everytime I start the game with my XBOX360-Controller using Steam Controller Companion I get this stupid message box, which is recommending a buggy feature I do NOT NEED and I cannot acknowlegde with my Gamepad. Are you really kidding me? What is the reason that it is not recommended to use the game without the overlay? I want an explanation for that!

Don't know if I get an answer ever, but meanwhile I really hate third-party-platforms coexisting to steam and eating performance and f***ing everything up without ever getting an answer to my complainings from the devs. Yes, UPLAY, you're meant.