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11-13-2016, 08:22 PM
Hibana -

Only when the charge is burning is it invulnerable to bandit's battery needs to detonate 1 charge immediatly to counter a bandit. if she plants all 3 charges then detonates bandit wins.
She can destroy ceiling hatches with 1 charge,
She can create a big enough hole to get through the reinforced wall, like the size of a sledge with all 3 charges being at the same area.
Or just enough space to vault through a wall with 2 charges and then 1 drop.
To emphasize she can open up 3 hatches.

Echo's -
Drone can't fly but it can attach itself to the ceiling,
Cloaks after a second but not when firing?
Unable to mark
Unable to shoot while moving (on the ground) so it can't follow roamers so easily.
the effect lasts like 2 seconds and its worst if the target is moving, not so much if the target is holding an angle.

anything else we need to know pls add

11-14-2016, 02:06 AM
Oke so Ash, Hibana, Thermite, Blackbeard + buck? on the same team.

Club House
lets say club house basement because... grand finals?

best case scenario.

open all 3 drops with hibana, check :rolleyes:
- blue defence lost, church memorial room lost, arsenal room under kitchen lost
open construction and church wall with thermite,
- arsenal weapons (east) lost
ash /buck open hallway ceiling
- hallway lost

what can they do?

Be more aggressive. check :rolleyes:
Hold central stairs @basement
- Risk attackers dropping down so easily like a trojan horse from the inside
Widen defence parameters Hold bar
- Players way too spread out and easily pinned
Okay so defence is really tough lets take another approach
Armor panels Check :rolleyes:
Batteries Check :rolleyes:
- create invincible armor panels for desperate last ditch cover. with ads.
Be more aggressive.
- I can see 2 or 3 defenders rushing out of there shell with Echo drone and forcibly removing invaders from 1 chokepoint at a time. go hamflank or lose anyway.

It isn't looking good for defenders. So my short conclusion has made me think that the less picked bomb sites like Bar or cashroom will probably be picked more over the turtle bomb sites. like the basements. For the simple reason that those sites are usually open at all sides including the ceiling anyway even without Hibana so it would be the less uncomfortable choice?

Or we could tweak Hibana so that she can't blow a total of 3 hatches open and make her sole purpose in life to open up holes big enough or small enough for Blackbeard on vertical walls. :o

11-16-2016, 04:14 AM
I contemplated adding in more map breakdowns with hibana and echo in the mix... but the outcome will essentially be the same thing as we see in Club House so I'd rather not bore you all.

- with hibana and thermite, you could potentially open up every site from all the angles so much so that reinforcing walls/hatches becomes irrelevant. Which leaves attackers to not limit themselves to, doing Strategy A, B or C, to opening everything, and doing all Strategies A, B and C simultaneously or atleast pretending to do them all by opening everything. I emphasized Strategy so that you'd see strategy becomes somewhat irrelevant and its a case of just using all the angles to pick people off.

That said 3 minute rounds in game now will only limit the time they have to peak all of the angles they've now opened.

Time will tell how all this plays out.

11-16-2016, 04:27 PM
Hibano? Is (s)he a Shemale?! ;)